A&E app not working? – Fix TV provider, Activate, Video & Server

Is the A&E app is not working for you on your Smart TVs such as Samsung, Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, or your Android and iOS Smartphones? are you Having trouble with the A&E app not functioning properly? Don’t worry! This guide will help you resolve common issues such as authentication with your TV provider, activation problems, difficulties with loading, issues with video playback, and server errors. Simply follow the straightforward instructions provided and you’ll start enjoying seamless streaming of your favorite A&E shows again with ease.

A&E App not working?

A&E App not working

A&E App offers you your favorite A&E TV shows on your Phone, Streaming device, or Smart TV.

Using this app you can stream shows like The first 48, intervention, 60 days in, and more both live and past episodes.

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You can create your own profile and continue watching where you left off last time.

Furthermore, it provides you the option to sign up with your TV provider to get more content.

Here is the list of a few features that you would like:

  • Access your favorite A&E TV shows for free on your Phone or Smart TV.
  • Using the same profile across all of your devices you can continue watching from where you left off last time.
  • You can log in with your Cable or Dish provider to access additional content without extra cost.

That’s for the features that this app offers you.

However, recently few users facing A&E, not working errors.

and it is not limited to Android and iOS smartphones.

Why is my A&E app not working?

Here few of the most common reasons why A&E not working on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV or Fire TV-

  • The A&E server might be down right now. Thye may be having technical difficulties.
  • Errors like long loading time, not loading, and blank pages are caused by slow internet.
  • App crashing is also common. It happens if the app is not compatible with your device.
  • Not authorized appear if you are accessing videos outside the US or you are using VPN.
  • A&E TV could be not included in the package for the TV provider you are using.

How to fix A&E App not working errors

Here is the process for fixing a few common errors-

Update to the latest version

Check if there is the latest version of this app available. If yes update it to the latest one.

Check for network

Make sure you are getting proper speed. Sometimes issues are caused by slow network

Consider Geo-restrictions

The app is not available outside the US. if you do try to access it will you errors like not authorized, Geographic restriction error messages.

Check for Server issue

Sometimes server might be down and if that is the case it affects a large number of users. Check on Twitter if A&E having technical difficulties right now.

Try reinstalling

Uninstall this app reboot your device and install it again. See if you see any improvement.

Some errors can’t be fixed

Some errors can’t be fixed by users. Especially if they happen due to glitches or bugs.

For any other Error, you can search on the official support page – https://support.aetv.com/.

Troubleshoot A&E App not working on Samsung TV

You can download A&E from the Samsung app store if you are using Samsung smart TV.

However, one thing to point out is that not all Samsung device is compatible with this app.

Check the required version on the app store page.

In case your Samsung smart TV is compatible try uninstalling the app, rebooting your TV and installing it again.

One more thing to note is Live TV on A&E is currently not available for Samsung TVs.

Why A&E App not working on Firestick?

Firestick allows you to download this application if you are living in the United States.

US users can Download A&E app on their Firestick device.

There could be any of the following reasons this app may not be working-

  • Your Device might be running out of storage.
  • Slow or no internet connection.
  • You are not living in the US or you are using VPN.
  • You downloaded this app as an APK file which is not compatible with Firestick.
  • The A&E server might be down right now.

Identify the cause behind the error and you can fix it according to it.

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A&E sign-in with the TV provider not working

Using your TV provider account you can access additional content that this app has to offer.

After you successfully activate this app on your Smart TV or mobile phone you have to log in using a TV provider account.

Sometimes you can’t log in usually errors appear due to (Most of the time) the limit of the browser you are using.

If you are mobile phone make sure that you are using either Google Chrome or Firefox also make sure it is updated to the latest version.


Why is A&E Not working on Roku?

A&E is available on Roku. If for some reason it is not working make sure you follow the general troubleshooting guide and uninstall & reinstall the channel.

Is there an A&E App?

Yes A&E TV is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download this from official app stores for free.

How do I Watch A&E on my smart TV?

If your Smart TV is compatible with this app you can download A&E on your Smart TV.

Is the A&E App free?

Yes, it is free to download and use. But access to the full catalog you need to verify your Cable TV or Satellite TV subscription.

How to Activate AETV?

You can activate your AETV by heading over to https://aetv.com/activate.

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