How to Fix “Espn Plus Keeps Asking For Tv Provider” error

Sometimes ESPN plus keeps asking For Tv provider again and again even when you already have logged in with your TV provider account.

If it has shown only once, you can simply fix this problem by simply log in with your cable network provider.

But it may become annoying if it does happen multiple times.

So, that is why here in this article we are going to discuss step-by-step troubleshooting processes to Fix or Bypass the ESPN TV sign-in issue.

Espn Plus App Keeps Asking For Tv Provider or Cable Network

How to Fix Espn Plus Keeps Asking For Tv Provider

As an ESPN Plus subscriber are you having an issue where this ESPN Plus keeps asking for a TV provider even when you already provided this information already?

This is not an issue with you but with thousands upon thousands of other ESPN+ subscribers as well.

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You might have already tried dozens of other resources which promise you to help to fix when this app required you to sign in to a cable network.

And you might have to wonder about Why Does ESPN Plus keep asking for a TV provider, Does ESPN+ work without a TV Provider, and How to I bypass this annoying message about a TV provider?

This post answers all of these questions as well as provides you with step-by-step instructions on How to Fix ESPN Keeps Asking for TV Provider messages.

Why Does Espn Keeps Asking For Tv Provider?

ESPN keeps asking for a TV provider because it needs to be connected to your Cable service provider in order to use Live Viewing.

Live viewing is a part of ESPN mobile and smart TV apps.

Other than watching already premiered content you can also stream Live TV on your ESPN Plus app.

You can stream any other content available on the application without any issue if you have logged in to your account but if you want to watch Live TV, you need to log in with your Cable TV provider.

One more thing to note down here is that you also need an active ESPN TV Channel on your cable TV plan.

How to Fix ESPN Plus Keeps Asking for TV Provider

You can fix Fix ESPN Plus Keeps Asking for TV Provider by Logging in with your Streaming account or TV provider account.

However, the problem is not this message itself but when this message is shown continuously even when you already logged in with the TV provider.

This is one of the common bugs on the ESPN App.

If you see a message indicating that you have to choose a TV provider again and again even after providing details multiple times, this indicates a bug or glitch in the app.

You can fix the problem by following this troubleshooting guide –

Step 1 – Force restart the ESPN app

Sometime this glitch could be only temporary.

Force closing ESPN app and opening it again will release some sort of term cache and you will able to continue streaming.

Step 2 – Reboot your TV or Phone

When closing and opening the ESPN app would not work, you can try rebooting your device as well.

Power cycle your TV or phone and try to stream again.

Step 3 – Reset or Reinstall the app

Still, seeing a message for Login with your cable TV provider? – now you can try clearing the app cache and app data to reset the ESPN app as a fresh install.

You can also try to reinstall the app and login into your account again.

Step 4 – Contact ESPN Plus Support

Some problems happened due to bugs or glitches in the app. This message could be also displayed due to that reason as well.

If nothing works for you, the possible path that leads toward solving this problem is to contact support.

You can get in touch with the ESPN Plus support team via email at

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How Do I bypass ESPN TV Provider Message?

ESPN Plus Subscribers can bypass ESPN TV Provider messages by joining any of the supported cable tv or streaming services.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a cable subscription, your own dish tv, or any other streaming service which offers an ESPN channel as part of the service.

As long as they offer you an ESPN TV channel as part of the package you can use that account to login into your ESPN Plus app.

Once you logged in using any accepted paid TV subscription plan, you will be able to stream live tv content on your phone, smart tv, or Laptop.

However, there is the issue where might see unexpected errors appear or this content is not available in your country if you are accessing it outside the US.

Considering most of these TV service providers are only based in the US this is expected, this issue can be fixed by using a reliable VPN service provider.

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