Getstreaming.Tv Not Working? – Fix Could not establish Pairing

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Using Google Chromecast you can cast a Screen from your phone to TV or any other bigger screen, but what if GetStreaming.Tv not working? And you are no longer able to use Chromecast?

When the GetStreaming website does not work, you will not able to establish pairing to your TV and as result, you will not able to cast the screen to a bigger screen.

That’s why here in this post we are going to shade more light on this issue and what troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix “GetStreaming TV not working”.

Getstreaming.Tv Not Working

With the rise of online entertainment applications such as Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney plus, Hulu, and so on there come issues where you want to stream all of this content in the traditional way – on your own TV.

Yes, yes many online mobile application allows you to stream your favorite content as well on your smart tv as well as your mobile phone.

But there are times when you simply want to stream the screen of your phone to your TV.

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But again these apps really make it difficult to screencast your phone screen to your Television.

For example, when you try to cast your Phone screen to your TV these apps will show only a black screen.

Google Chromecast fixes this problem and allows us to stream on a bigger screen.

Chromecast is a feature that is already built-in in a most online streaming applications.

By using that Chromecast option with Google Chromecast, you will able to stream content from your phone on Smart TV.

But to link your phone to Smart TV requires confirmation from you.

Other than connecting to the same WiFi you can also use visit – GetStreaming.Tv and enter the code displayed on your TV.

This will allow you to connect easily.

However recently for some of the people who are looking to screencast, GetStreaming.Tv not working.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about Why Getstreaming.Tv not Working for you and what you can do to Fix GetStreaming Could not establish a pairing error.

How to Fix Getstreaming.Tv not Working 

When you head over to the website GetStreaming.Tv, you will see a field where you are supposed to enter the code and then hit the connect button.

If you read this article, you might already know what you are supposed to do with that webpage.

But in case you are having difficulties for Google Chromecast screen casting to work, here is a few troubleshooting steps you can follow –

Check WiFi and Code

The first thing to ensure is the Code that is displayed on the TV screen.

Make sure that you have entered the code correctly.

Another thing is the WiFi network. This will not work if both your TV and Device aren’t connected to the same network.

Disable any Extention or VPNs

Any third-party extensions installed on your web browser might interfere when GetStreaming will try to establish a connection to screencast.

The problem could also happen if you are using a Proxy or VPN.

Disable any extensions or VPN apps that will interfere with the connection.

Check if the application does support Screencasting

While Google Chromecast does support a large number of applications available for both iOS and Android there are still some apps that do not support any kind of screencasting.

And that includes Google Chromecast as well.

You can check all ChromeCast Compatible apps if you have any doubts.

Why Getstreaming could not establish pairing

When the user will initiate the pairing by heading over to the website – and entering the code displayed on their TV screen pairing will be established.

That is at least supposed to happen.

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However, other than GetStreaming straight up not working there is an issue where you will see a notification like – “Getstreaming could not establish pairing, please connect…” after hitting that connect icon in the browser.

Here are a few reasons that this is happening to you –

  • You might have not entered the correct code displayed on your TV.
  • Your TV is not connected to the same WiFi network.
  • You are Opening the GetStreaming website using another network.
  • An application that you are trying to screencast probably does not support this feature.

Once you identify the correct reason why you are getting could not establish pairing error you can easily resolve GetStreaming.TV issue easily from there.


So once you have followed the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps the Getstreaming.Tv could not establish pairing error will not be able to ruin your streaming marathon!

In this guide, I helped you tackle the most common issues and provide solutions that’ll get you back to streaming bliss in no time.

But just in case things are still broken, even after following all these troubleshooting, you can ask for support on the official community forum.

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