Ayushman Bharat App not Working? What You Need to Know (and Do)

Is your Ayushman Bharat app not working as well? Many of the new and old PM-JAY beneficiaries are having Login troubles, and server errors lately with the official mobile app and portal.

Millions of people, all around the nation have been entrusted with the PM-JAY scheme which offers essential healthcare scheme to those who can’t afford it.

To provide ease of access the official mobile application was launched, which allows you to register, log in, and check information about your Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya account.

However, the app has certain glitches which do prevent many users from fully utilizing all of its features.

This article helps you Explore the exact problem, Why the Ayushman Bharat app not working, and what troubleshooting can be done.

Issues impacting users

Here is the list of just some of the reported issues, that are plaguing almost all of the users who are using the Ayushman Bharat app –

  • For some of the applicants app simply refused to open, and even if they somehow opened it, it is crashing after some time.
  • Many of the beneficiaries have reported Card downloads are not possible for them. They are not able to download Ayushman Bharat cards from the mobile application.
  • The app frequently prompts users to log in repeatedly, and any interruptions in the process necessitate starting over while they are trying to register.
  • In this app, Location services consistently fail, impacting the app’s overall performance during the required registration process.
  • Sometimes the login button becomes unresponsive, furthermore, it fails to send OTP codes which is an essential part of login in this app.
  • PM Jay beneficiaries and applicants, face a stream of errors such as Location errors, Captcha errors, and OTP errors.
  • Many times this app displays a server not responding messages, and many users report a lack of responsiveness most of the time, coupled with frequent crashes.

Why is the Ayushman Bharat app not Working?

Here are the three major reasons why the Ayushman Bharat app is not working for you –

Stability issues with the App

The app is not completely stable, some many bugs and glitches affect a large majority of its users.

And for those it works, it doesn’t function well all the time. The longer you use this application, the more and more you will notice its glitches and bugs.

Problem with PM-Jay Server

Other than the bugs that are present in the official mobile app there are many issues which does appear due to server issues like – Server not responding or being unable to connect with the server.

Usually, server errors appear when the server is overloaded with traffic and these struggles result in server time, outage and sometimes data not loading properly on the app.

Feature Malfunction During uses

Some of the features like Registration, Login, or OTP verification do fail which could cause immense annoyance.

While using the Pradhan mantri jan arogya mobile application many users also noted they are not able to download their Ayushman card.

This all happen due to the same reason; a malfunction in the mobile app.

So How Can I Fix the Ayushman Bharat app not Working?

Almost all of the Ayushman Bharat app errors are the result of Bugs, glitches, server-related problems, or malfunction.

These problems can’t be solved permanently by the end user.

But users do try to workaround these problems.

For example, when you are not able to able to login or register or Login, you can close the app and try again.

Sometimes trying multiple times can increase your chances of succeding in using it if you do succeed for just one instance

Furthermore, these problems are not present all the time, which does allow you to use few times without encountering a bug.

Alternatively, you can try using the official portal, which works fine most of the time.

Also, For first-time registration, it’s better to follow offline channels like Gram Panchayat or Zonal office.

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