Seva Sindhu Portal App : Registration, Login, Schemes & Status

Seva Sindhu Portal is an online App and official Karnataka Government portal for Applying and Tracking various Government schemes.

Due to Social distancing people who are unable to visit Government offices still able to check the status of their application and Apply for Government schemes online.

What is Seva Sindhu Portal App?

Seva Sindhu portal App

Seva Sindhu Portal which is is the official Portal provided by the Government of Karnataka for various government services in one place.

Lockdown sounds ideal solution to stop Covid-19 to increase any further but what about the various scheme, services that needed be in check?

That’s why the Government launched the Seva Sindhu Portal.

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Due to extreme Lockdown in our Country, there is no way we can Step outside our Home. Yes, Yes I know we can still get outside for buying essential items But what if we Don’t need food but need it in Government need.

For Example, you urgently need to Make Some kind of government Document of what you need to make. Since everything is Shutdown and there is no hope that this Lockdown is Going to end anytime soon.

But our need is still there and it will not be Going to vanish because there is a lockdown. However, the Government of Karnataka presented a solution for This problem, in the form of An Government Portal.

Here I am Going to present to you with Seva Sindhu Online Portal – Your one-stop solution for all of your needs for Government services.

In this time when we are Facing worldwide Lockdown it almost impossible to get certain Government services. Especially if there are no Government offices it is open. We are not even sure about our jobs, Bussiness and few people do not see their family for the past two months.

What are the benefits?

This is the official government portal that is launched by the Karnataka state government.

This portal is launched by the Government for the citizens of Karnataka.

So even in the Covid-19 lockdown, The government services will not be disrupted.

On this Official portal Applicants apply for various government schemes just from their home.

Applicants must have to register on this Portal and according to their eligibility, they can Apply for various schemes.

Here all departmental services are offered in one single place which you can access without going anywhere.

What is Seva Sindhu ePass?

Seva Sindhu ePass is offered by the Online Government portal

On this official website, you will not only able to log in but also register for relief if you are an essential worker.

The ePass of seva Sindhu portal for police verification is the pass that allows you to travel in the city and intercity in Karnataka state in time of Covid-19 lockdown.

This is not only for people who need urgent transport but also people like Auto/Taxi drivers whose whole livelihood depend on Traveling from one place to another.

This ePass is basically permission to travel during the covid-19 lockdown period.

You can Apply for ePass on the official site.

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Seva Sindhu Portal App Download

You can easily Download Seva Sindhu portal App for your Android mobile phone by following the steps that I am Going to explain below:

  1. First, you have to head over to the Play store Download page.
  2. The Link will redirect you to the Google Play store Download page of Seva Sindhu.
  3. From the installation page where you can easily install the Application on your Android phone.
  4. Simply lets the installation to be finished

Once the installation is finished and the Application is Downloaded to your Android phone properly then you are ready for the next step which is Seva Sindhu portal Registration.

Seva Sindhu Schemes

By using the Seva Sindhu Official portal citizens of Karnataka state can apply all departmental services at ease.

After launching this platform Karnataka government also launched few Schemes.

Eligible Applicant can Apply for those schemes if they are eligible.

COVID-19 Relief for Barbers/Washermen Application Form

The government launched the one-time relief for Barbers and Washermens.

To take part in this scheme You have to Follow the process:

  1. To take part in this Scheme you can Download the COVID-19 Relief for Barbers/Washermen Application Form by visiting the services tab of the official portal.
  2. There on that page, you will see two different documents that you can download.
  3. The first is the Self-declaration form and the second is the Employment certificate. Download both of them by using the Download button on the right side of them.
  4. Once you Download those forms, Print them and fill them up.
  5. Click to proceed to Apply.
  6. Login to your Seva Sindu Account.

COVID-19 Travel Epass ByRail / Air Flights Registration

Apart from offering ePass to travel in your city alone.

The government was also offering COVID-19 Travel Epass ByRail / Air Flights Registration on the official portal.

That was for traveling in other cities or states in our country.

However, Recently The department of Family welfare of the Karnataka government has disabled this service.

Hence, you can’t apply for this pass to travel by Rail, Air Flights.

Seva Sindu Driver 5000 Registration

Recently, the Government of Karnataka also announced that they are offering a fund of 5000 rupees to Auto-Rickshaw drivers and Taxi drivers.

Due to Covid-19, Independent taxi and auto-Rickshaw drivers are one of the most economically affected groups.

So Disbursement Of Cash Relief To Auto-Rickshaw Drivers & Taxi Drivers For COVID-19 is provided to them.

Applicants can apply for this scheme directly from the home page. There is a link for it there on the Home page

Apply, Registration & More

If you are new to the Seva Sindhu portal and want to Apply for registration then you can register there.

Here is I am going to guide you on how to Seva Sindhu register and a few other most frequently asked Question.

Seva Sindhu portal registration Online

There is not only one service which is offered by the Government of Karnataka. This Portal aims to offer multiple services with the single online Government portal, But you have to Register differently for the different services.

However, once you register on the portal you can Apply for the service that you register in.

If you want to register on the official portal online then you have to follow the process that I am going to explain below, Step-by-Step

  1. First, you have to head over to the Seva Sindhu Official Website
  2. On the bottom side of the page, you will notice the New user? Register here link.
  3. You have to click on that link.
  4. A new page will open You also need to add your Aadhaar Card number to Avail the services.
  5. Simply choose the Service and Follow up for Online registration.
  6. You will see the Document which will contain information such as Eligibility, Requirement, Required document. Simply provide everything that the portal will ask of you.
  7. Now the Registration page will be open and you have to Fill up and each and every required field to finish up the registration.

How to login in to your Seva Sindhu Account?

Registration for a Government scheme is quite a lengthy step, But once you register successfully everything is easy from there, almost.

Once You register on Seva Sindhu Online Portal are now ready to log in there.

Here is how to Seva Sindhu portal login:

  • Simply head over to the official site using your Mobile or Web browser.
  • Enter your Email id or Mobile number, Whichever you used for registration there.
  • After entering your mobile number you will receive an OTP code via SMS.
  • Enter that OTP Code in OTP/Password field.
  • Type the captcha and hit the submit button.

You will be redirected to the dashboard of the Service online portal. Don’t get confused by the URL of the site, You are still on the Karnataka government site.

Just they have a different domains for Registration/Login and different domain for providing Application forms & information.

Check your Application status

If you applied for Any scheme of the Karnataka Government then you are able to check your Application status there on the Seva Sindhu Portal online App.

Process of Checking your Seva Sindhu Application status is the same as above for Login in to your account.

In fact, you have to login into your Account to check the status of your Application.

If you have your login credentials then you have to just head over to the official website login page.

And then login into your account.

You will also get the notification by SMS on your registered mobile number once your application is approved.

Helpline numbers for more

If you are in any doubt about the services that are provided by Karnataka Government via this Online portal you can contact on the helpline numbers.

As provided on the official SevaSindu Karnataka Gov portal the contact information is:

  • Helpline Number 1: 080-22230282
  • Helpline number 2: 080-22279954
  • Official eMail:
  • Address: #13, CRN Chambers, Above Dhanalakshmi Bank, 2nd Floor, Kasturba Road, Bangalore-560001

The helpline is open from 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday.

Have any Questions? You can ask in the comment section here in this post.

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