Blink Floodlight Not Working? Why, How & Battery Replacement

Here in this guide, we are going to overview what to do when Blink Floodlight is not working. How to fix it and why it’s not working and how to replace the battery and more.

Blink Floodlight not working

Blink Floodlight is one of the must-have accessories for the Blink outdoor camera which can be easily mounted on exterior walls.

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This device comes with powerful batteries that can last up to 2 years and works flawlessly with the outdoor camera.

However, that doesn’t mean that you might never face an issue while using this device.

If due for any reason Blink Floodlight not working or stopped working suddenly you can follow this guide to fix it.

Blink floodlight might be stopped working due to a number of reasons.

Few of those can be fixed easily by yourself.

For example, it could be that batteries might be drained completely and all you would have to do is replace old batteries with new ones.

It could be also setting issues or incompatibility with other connected devices.

It could be also a hardware issue that needs to fix.

Depending on the reason why it’s not working will lead a path to fix this.

If your Blink Floodlight is not working, this troubleshooting guide might help you-

  1. If you are a new user and having trouble setting up you can always follow the official set-up guide.
  2. Make sure it’s connected to the Camera connected with the proper cable and that all of the devices support each other.
  3. Now make sure that it’s not a battery issue. Floodlight batteries needed to be replaced for almost 2 years. Try changing batteries.

The Floodlight comes with preinstalled 4 alkaline D-cell batteries to operate.

If we want to remove the battery and replace it with new ones we can do it if we have the same size batteries available.

To replace it first unmount your Floodlight, open the back cover and you will see the battery compartment.

From there you can replace old batteries with new ones.

Further FAQ’s

How long does Blink Floodlight Last?

According to the official website, Blink Floodlight can run run up to 2 years including batteries.

Why Won’t my Blink Camera detect motion?

The problem could be related to your internet connection or batteries check both to ensure what is problem.

How do I update my blink camera firmware?

Blink provides free firmware updates for all of the devices that are purchased. The updates are available to install automatically when it’s out.

How does the Blink Floodlight work?

Floodlight would start working when it is connected to the Blink outdoor camera with the Blink system. If the camera sense motion will activate the floodlight. Consumers can do it manually as well from their smartphones.

What is Blink Floodlight Battery Life?

The expected battery life is up to 2 years. That includes the batteries that come preinstalled. This intimation is based on the default setting and could differ depending on your uses.

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