ADT Doorbell Camera not working? – WiFi, Video, Live & Reset

Is your ADT Doorbell Camera not working? This detailed guide presents comprehensive solutions to fix its WiFi, Video Recording, Live, and constant offline issues.

Fix ADT Doorbell Camera not Working Errors

ADT Doorbell Camera not working

ADT Doorbell Camera is one of the smart home products offered by ADT.

This is one of the essential parts of smart home security products that work flawlessly with Google Nest.

This offers you 720 HD Video images with 2-way audio and you can easily control it and chat with visitors from a mobile phone using the ADT mobile app.

But here we are not going to talk about its features but How to Fix ADT Doorbell Camera not Working errors.

Solve ADT doorbell camera not Recording Video

One of the primary jobs of any Doorbell camera is to record video clips.

When it failed to do it, this could be attributed to a connection error, power issue, or misconfigured motion detection settings.

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To resolve this problem – first, make sure that the Camera is getting enough power. Furthermore, Ensure a proper Wi-Fi connection and that there is enough storage available to record and store clips.

Also, Reconfigure the settings using your ADT app and make sure to set proper motion detection settings.

ADT Doorbell Camera not showing Live Video

Using the official ADT app you can get the live video feed directly from your doorbell.

However, there are issues that come to light where users are unable to view live video on their smartphones.

There are four possibilities as to why the live video failed to load for you –

  • Issue with the network – Check whether you are using your data plan or WiFi. Switching might help.
  • Problem with ADT pulse app – Try deleting and reinstalling the app. Sometimes the issue could be with the app itself.
  • Issue on your Computer – In case live video is working on mobile but not on your computer issue might be with your browser. Try using a different browser.
  • Power issue – If live video is not working with any of the devices, this indicates potential power issues. Power cycling your Camera might fix the issue.

How to Fix Offline Camera Issues

Status unknown or camera offline are the display messages users will see when their Doorbell camera is offline.

Generally, this happens when there is an issue connecting to the network.

But this could also happen in case of power loss.

First, check your WiFi and make sure it’s working, and there is no trouble with your network.

Next, check the camera power. Power cycle it, if necessary.

Fix the ADT Camera blinking Red or Green

When your Doorbell Camera blinks Red or Green line it indicates a battery issue and loss of network respectively.

When it has a low battery you will see a blinking red light, in that case, you need to change the battery or check the power source in case it’s a wired device.

As for the blinking green light, it happens when the camera loses connection to the network.

Check your WiFi or network and make sure there is no issue with the internet.

ADT Doorbell Camera is not connecting to WiFi?

When you do switch to new WiFi or change the password of your current Wireless network you also need to update these changes to your all smart devices as well.

Using the Pulse app users can make any network-related changes to their devices.

In the event that your ADT Doorbell Camera isn’t connecting to WiFi, here’s a troubleshooting guide tailored to specific network issues you may encounter –

The doorbell Camera not working after Changing the network

When you do switch to a different WiFi ADT camera stops working.

To fix the problem you have to follow these steps to change the WiFi network –

  1. First Open the ADT pulse app and from the list of devices choose “Doorbell Camera”.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon and select Device info.
  3. Now hit “WiFi Settings” and tap on Change “WiFi network”.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully connect to a new WiFi network.

Camera not working after changing the WiFi password

This Camera also stopped working and will show you offline in case you change the password of your WiFi.

The reason for this is that the device is still trying to connect to the network using an old password.

To Fix this you have to change the password, using the ADT pulse app.

In the pulse app choose Doorbell Camera > Settings icon > WiFi Settings > Change WiFi > Follow on screen instructions.

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How to Reset ADT Doorbell Camera

The process for resetting your doorbell camera depends on the type of camera you have.

There is a slight variation between wired and wireless models.

Reset Wireless ADT Doorbell Camera

If you are using a Wired camera you need to press and hold the small button on the back of the camera for at least 10 seconds.

This button is located near the power port.

Once the reset is complete, wait for at least 3 minutes before you turn your device back on.

Reset Wired ADT Doorbell Camera

The reset button is different for the Wired Camera.

For the Wired Doorbell camera, you need to press and Hold Square button, on the back of the camera for about 15 seconds.

Now wait for 1-2 minutes before you turn it on.

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