CBS Sports App not Working? – Fix Buffer, Black Screen & Bracket

Many of the CBS subscriber on occasion do have ted difficulty accessing their favorite content on the official mobile app.

Unexpected and annoying errors such as frozen brackets, Video stuck at buffering, choppy streams, and activation code expiring errors do happen more often than not.

If you are having any of those CBS sports app not working errors, you don’t have to worry dear reader, since this troubleshooting guide will help you crush all these common bugs in no time.

What’s Going on with the CBS app?

CBS Sports app offers free live games, breaking news, gaming even highlights, and expert picks at your fingertips whether you are using an Android or iOS smartphone.

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Other than offering you live matches and news you can also follow your favorite teams in NFL, NCAA Football, Basketball, Golf, and tons more using this sport streaming mobile app.

For the premium users who have upgraded with a Paramount+ subscription, it offers alerts on top sports events and more personalized news on your phone.

However, the app users are having a bit of difficulty streaming their favorite content on this app

In a nutshell, here are a few of the major issues going on with the CBS sports app –

  • For many of its users CBS mobile app i crashing, Freezing, and Refusing to load.
  • Some users also reported that instead of being able to watch their favorite sports event all they see is a black screen on the app.
  • There is also another bug “Activation expired” while trying to login in to the Smart TV app.
  • Bracket not updating is another bug that is appearing in the app lately.

How to Fix CBS Sports App Not Working Errors

How to Fix CBS Sports App not Working

So, Does the CBS Sports app freeze at crucial moments, stutter during replays, or refuse to load your favorite sporting event altogether? or are you having some other error altogether? no matter, here are the troubleshooting steps that you can follow when this app is not working –

Step 1: Resolving Temporary Glitches in the app’

  1. First, verify proper network connectivity. Slow Internet does cause buffering and loading issues during streaming.
  2. Update the app, if there is an update. Updates are required for the app to perform correctly.
  3. Try a device reboot, this will release the temporary cache and start the app from fresh.
  4. You can try clearing app cache and data, this will help you fix some of the more severe issues.
  5. Consider reinstallation when all else fails. This potentially eliminates any persistent issues with the app, and the app will start from a clean slate.

Step 2: Fixing issues due to external causes

Other than having issues due to low memory, low storage, network connection, or outdated app version issues also arise due to external factors such such – server outages or known issues with the app itself.

The troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier work well for the minor issues that do appear momentarily, but not when there is an ongoing glitch in the server itself.

When your CBS sports app not working due to a server down or similar issues you have to wait till the problem is fixed by developers.

Step 3: Troubleshooting Some specific errors

While general troubleshooting might resolve some minor issues, certain errors necessitate following specific sets of troubleshooting steps –

Buffering, Loading or Streaming issues

These issues are either caused by a slow network or a CBS server going through some serious problem.

Force close the app, switch to another network, and reopen the app to fix this issue.

Black screen issue after opening the app

This error is usually the result of low available memory or storage.

Close the app, navigate back to the home screen, and close all recent applications to free up some memory.

Furthermore, make sure enough storage is available on your phone for all apps to work properly.

Server Outage or Server Down

Server outages are a common occurrence and can affect any mobile app connected to a server.

If a large number of users are experiencing issues with the CBS app, it’s likely indicative of an ongoing server problem.

In cases such as these, you’ll need to wait until the estimated time of fix, for the service to be restored.

Furthermore, you can use Reddit or Twitter to learn more about ongoing server outages with this sports app.

Activation Code is Expired error

To log in on your Android Smart TV you need to enter the CBS code on –

When you hit the log in your TV, this code is shown there.

To log in on TV you just need to log in browser and hit enter the shown code there.

But there is an issue – the Activation Code is Expired error happens sometimes.

When this this happens you can click login again and generate a new code.

Step 4: When nothing works

CBS customer support is there for a reason, and customers can contact the support from a variety of different ways, including email, support chat, feedback form, or thru social media

Here is how to contact CBS Sports support –

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I am Stuck with CBS Sports App Tech Issues, how I fix it?

There are many tech issues with this app, you have to note down precisely the error you encountering and follow this troubleshooting guide accordingly.

Why isn’t my CBS Sports Bracket Updating?

Brackets may occasionally delay updating. To fix this you have to refresh the app or website, verify your internet connection, and check for bracket updates at CBS Sports HQ.

How to troubleshoot CBS App Streaming Issues?

Sometimes restarting your device and app, ensuring the app is updated, and confirming no issues with the internet connection help you ease the problems. For further support, you can also check the official help center or contact customer support.

How to solve when My CBS Sports App Activation Code is Expired?

Activation codes can expire, if you wait long enough to input it on your device. But fear not, you can always refresh the page and generate a new code. If the error persists this might indicate “Server down”, you have to wait until that happens.

How to Fix Black Screen Stalling CBS Live Game Stream?

When CBS Sports does throw the black screen error you can try closing and reopening the the app, restart your device, and check your internet connection.


The CBS Sports app boasts many features, including up-to-date news updates and live streaming of your favorite sporting events. However, occasional outages, temporary glitches, or app bugs can sometimes hinder its functionality and as a result, it fails to work for you.

While basic troubleshooting steps like reloading the app, clearing its cache, or even reinstalling it can often resolve minor issues, some serious problems require the developers’ attention.

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