Why Hay Day Gift Wrapping Station not working? and how to Fix it

Hay Day mobile game has many different buildings that you can unlock as you progress through the game one of these buildings is – the Gift Wrapping Station.

The Hay Day Gift Wrapping Station is a production building that is unlocked for the players once they reach level 17.

While this building can be unlocked by any player, it is and will be available for a specific time frame.

For example last year it started on 5th December 2022 and disappeared after 31st December 2022.

Just like that in the year 20223 as well it is delivered to you by Mailmain on 11, 2023 (if you have unlocked experience level 17) and will disappear automatically on December 31st.

But even after unlocking the required level for many players Hay day gift wrapping station not working.

The major problem that players are having is “Can’t make this anymore The event is almost over”.

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In this Troubleshooting guide, we are going to focus on exactly the reason behind the Gift wrapping station not functioning and the process you can follow to fix this error.

Why you are getting “Can’t make this anymore, Event almost over”?

Before trying to Fix the Gift Wrapping station not working issue in Hay Day we must understand exactly the reason behind this error.

The Gift Wrapping Station in Hay Day is time time-specific event that started on 11th December and going to end on 31st December 2023.

However, even tho (at the time of writing this article) this even still has over the week left players are getting error messages while trying to use this production building.

The Message which displayed for players is –

“Can’t make this anymore, Event almost over”

Well, there is a simple reason why you are getting this message.

It is because the Boat Event has ended and it’s the only task event, which will remain till the last day of this event.

This is disappointing because last year they had run it to the last day of the year.

This is a decision made by the developers and there is currently no way you can use a Gift wrapping station for that purpose.

So to put it short this isn’t exactly a bug, glitch, or error but developers already closed the event on December 21.

Even tho the building is still visible on your farm but you won’t be able to use it.

How to Fix Hay Day Gift Wrapping Station Not Working Error

Just a few days ago, just after the issue many of the players were not able to use the Gift Wrapping station, Developers clarified via social media that the GiftWrapping station event has ended.

They accepted that they have miscommunicated which makes players think that this event is supposed to end on 31st December 2023.

But in reallity, they ended on 21st December, just after 10 days when it started.

Here is what is going to happen with this event –

  • You will not be able to produce Gifts using this production building but it’ll remain as holiday decoration until winter evet will end.
  • All of your remaining gifts (which you haven’t wrapped up yet) will be converted to coins in January 2024.

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So in conclusion Hay Day Gift Wrapping station not working because its even has been ended by developers.

There is no possible solution to make it work again, unless developers decide to make it functional again, for now it’s only for holiday decoration till January.

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