Jeevansathi App not working – Why, How & Is the Website down right now?

Is JeevanSathi App not working on your phone? You want to know why it’s not working, How to fix this issue and is down right now.

JeevanSathi App not working?

Jeevansathi app is India’s one of the most popular matrimony mobile applications.

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This application is the official app of the JeevanSathi.Com website.

Using this app you can find your perfect ideal life partner. Jeevansathi is providing matchmaking services for more than 15 years.

There you can find millions of profiles across all locations, and communities in India.

Using its algorithm this app helps you to find relevant profiles, you can also use built-in easy-to-use filters.

It has some of the uniques functions that you would like:

  • It has voice and video calling opiton which allows you to call other members without revealing their phone number.
  • You can chat with other people.
  • It has video profiles optin that allows you to upload and view video profiles of other users.
  • All of the members are needed to done verification. It have In-person online verification with verified Govt ID.

Apart from those features, this app also has a premium membership.

If you are a premium member you will receive following additional benefits as well:

  • Easily view phone numbers and email address of the profiles that you want to contact.
  • Send personlized message in chat.
  • Pro membership increase your matrimononial profile visiblity.

However, here we are not going to review this app but discuss what to do when Jeevnsathi App is not working.

Why Jeevansathi is not working?

There could be any reason depending on the error code you received why Why Jeevansathi is not working.

This could be one of the following reasons:

  • Server Outage – Server might down right now or going to maintance.
  • Bug in App – There could be some bug in Jeevansathi app.
  • OS incompatiblity – Apps latest version might be incompatible with your phone.
  • Minor glitches: There could be some minor glitches it could be becouse network, server, app data or any other reasons.

How to Fix Jeevansathi app not working issue?

Here is what you can do to Fix the Jeevansathi app not working issue:

Identify the Issue?

The first step toward fixing the issue is identifying the nature of the error you are getting.

Is your app not responding, are pages not loading, is it crashing.

Follow basic troubleshooting?

Here is some basic troubleshooting:

  • Clear app data & Cache – Clear out app cache and data and login in the app again.
  • Check server outage – Check if Jeevansathi server are online.
  • Check your network – Confirm that problem is not related to your internet.

Is issue is not with you but app itshelf?

There could be a bug that appears after you update to the latest version.

Check on the app store or play store to confirm that other users are having the same issue.

If the issue is caused by a bug or glitch, only developers can fix it.

Contact customer support

If the issue is too complex or it can’t be fixed on your own you can contact Jeevansathi customer care to shade more light on issue and solve it if possible.

Jeevasathi Customer Care Support

JeevanSathi.Com has dedicated customer support to offer you help.

If you have any questions related to this App, Website, Membership or anything else you can either Post your query on help page or request a callback.

You can also dial the toll-free number.

  • Toll Free Customer Care Number: 1800 419 6299.
  • Contact via Mail:
  • Search on Help pages:

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Is Jeevansathi.Com website down?

You can check if the Jeevansathi.Com website is down by simply heading over to using your browser.

Sometimes it could be a different server glitch which not affect the whole site but only some features of the site or app.

If there is an outage going on right now you could see the update on the official Twitter page – @Jeevansathi_com

You can also check the tweets and replies section of the page to confirm that other users are having the same problem as you.

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