Raya Dating App: Get on, Couples Who Meet, Users, Cost & More

Here in this article, We are going to take a peek inside Raya Dating App – An App that is exclusive to celebrities only. Check this out if you want to know about couples who met on Raya, How to get on the Raya dating app using a friend pass.

What is Raya?

raya dating app review, join and users list

Raya is A secret Dating App that is for celebrities only.

We all know that celebrities can’t use Tinder, So what’s the Solution left to theme if they want to Try Online Dating.

Well, this App is available for them, where they will try Dating online, without worrying about their privacy.

This Mobile Application is just like any other Dating App is a Membership application.

Apart from Celebrity exclusive, what sets this apart from other Apps is this is Invite only.

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So if someone like your friends or known ones are already on this App they can invite you.

Otherwise, you can’t get into Raya Dating App.

Of course, it makes sense for celebrities to date someone who has the same status as them.

And if celebrities come to Tinder, they will find Millions of requests and no time to check each of them.

So on Raya, only celebrities are available who are looking for their ideal date.

Which makes it just like tinder, But for very rich and famous people, that’s why it’s called ‘Illuminati Tinder’ sometimes.

How to get on Raya Dating App?

The requirements to get on Raya Dating App is simple – First, you should be invited by an already existing member, and second, you should have celebrity status.

Whether you are a Movie Star, Sportsman, Very Rich & Famous Businessman, or A influencer with a high fan following you can apply for membership and join it.

However, it doesn’t mean once you applied for the Membership your profile will be on this dating profile imminently.

It will take Days, Even Weeks, or sometimes months before they approve your membership while you wait on the waitlist.

Once you approved then it will ask you for the Payment information (ie Credit Card), Using which it will charge you membership fees each month.

Raya Dating App Download

You can Download Raya using this Download Button above.

Raya App is available only to Download on iOS iPhones, and iPod touch which works on Apple iOS 12.0 or later.

MAC users can also Download if their system works on macOS 11.0 or higher with Apple M1 Chip.

Cost for Applying for Raya

Once the Application is downloaded to your phone, The next step would be to Apply for the membership.

If you have a Raya friend pass invitation you can apply for the membership which costs only $9.99, $49.99 or $29.99 depending on the plan that you will choose.

Privacy & Security

This Celebrity exclusive Online Dating Application takes Privacy very very seriously.

Doing anything that threatens privacy can result in a ban.

You can’t even take a screenshot of the inside screen of this App.

Privacy is a major reason, why this Application is very successful in the first place and that’s why it’s the ideal dating solution for High Profile people.

Couples who met on Raya

This Application was never advertised and it never shared the details of who is available on this App.

However, according to its Wikipedia page, there are a few known celebrities which is on its user base.

Here is known users of this iOS iPhone Mobile App-

Nick KrollLewis Capaldi
Channing TatumJoe Jonas
Demi LovatoNicole Byer
Keke PalmerSharon Stone
MobyLily Allen
Paul BissonnetteCara Delevingne
Matthew PerryRaven-Symoné
Jack WhitehallNiall Horan
Emily AtackEmma Watson
Tom FeltonBrittany Furlan
Tommy LeeWhitney Cummings
Lil DickyMelissa Villaseñor
Chelsea HandlerNikki Glaser
ClairoBob Saget

If you have any other questions regarding this Online Dating App then you can mention them in the comment section below.

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