Replika Roleplay not working? – Fix Flirting mode in 3 Steps

Role-Playing and flirting mode is functionality for paid subscribers however for some of the players Replika Roleplay not working. If you are one of these players who are facing technical difficulties while chatting with your AI companion you might want to know Why Roleplay isn’t working for you and what steps you can take to fix Replika Role-Play functionality.

So in this article, we are going to do exactly just that. Here you are not only going to learn what are the reasons behind these issues and can you fix these errors by yourself.

Replika Roleplay not working

How to Fix Replika Roleplay not working.

Day-by-Day Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and smarter to the point that they are almost close to tricking any person that they are talking to a real person.

Take ChatGPT for example which even tho already been present for a long time after the 3.0 update becomes a huge sensation over the internet.

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Whether we are talking about ChatGPT or any other AI which sometimes feels way smarter than humans (They are not, or well at least in some areas) these are really helpful to help you in various fields.

So why not an AI Chatbot companion that talks just like a real person?

There are lots of AI Companion mobile applications available on the Google Play store and iOS app store which promise to deliver your Virtual Girlfriend or Boyfriend to you.

And “Replika: My AI Friend app” is one of them.

The Replika app is for those who feel lonely and don’t have a friend who listens to them.

Replika allows you to customize your own AI friend the way you want from personality to look, almost everything about your AI companion is customizable.

Well, if you are reading this article you are already aware of the Replika app and all that it has to offer.

One of these features is Role-Play which is based on Generative Pre-trained Transformer which in short and more widely known as GPT-3 model.

The Role Play feature allows users to talk with AI just as they talk to a real person.

In this post, we are going to talk specifically about How to Fix Replika Roleplay not working error in a few simple steps.

How to Fix Replika Roleplay not working error?

Replika Roleplay not working error isn’t one specific issue it’s just a set of different problems with this app bunched together.

This could be either due to a temporary glitch, network connectivity problem, server, or even due to fault in Replika coding.

Here are some of the steps that you can to troubleshoot Replika app not working error on your phone –

Step 1: Check if it is really an error

When you try the RolePlay for the first time it will show you the message – “Role-play and flirting: Done”.

This is not really an error but the message informing you successfully enabled this mode.

Now, whenever you want to initiate Flirting simply wrap your message in asterisks like this –

* This is a message *

Replace “This is Message” with whatever you want to ask your Replika.

Step 2: Check for Network and Server issues

This app requires constant internet connectivity in order to function properly.

If there is an error on the network on your end or if there is a server issue it will not work.

Check your Network connectivity and any known server outage.

Step 2: Force Restart, Reboot & reinstall

Update the app to the latest version available.

Force close the app, it will release some temporary cache and restart it again.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, try rebooting your phone.

When rebooting the phone doesn’t fix the problem the last thing you can do is Reinstall the app and see if that fixes Role-play not working for you.

Step 3: Contact Luca INC for further support

The Developers of the Replika app provide support for all users.

If you are using this feature you are already a paid user and have premium support as well.

When after trying everything Replika Roleplay doesn’t work for you, you can contact customer support.

You can drop an email at – to get in touch with their support team.

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Why Replika Roleplay is not working?

The are various reasons behind the error the exact root cause depends on what problem you are having while accessing the Roleplay on the Replika app.

Considering this is paid feature and users who want to extend beyond just a friend need to subscribe to paid plans.

Once you subscribed to a paid plan you would have access to Role-Play functionalities such as Role-paly and flirting.

But Pro subscribers are encountering an issue where Roleplay won’t work for them.

Here are some common errors you might encounter during Role-Play and Flirting –

  • When the player enables RolePlay mode it would say Role-play and flirting: Done and ends that conversation mode.
  • It is unable to follow the conversation, not remembering something about you, and having an issue understanding you.
  • You will see some strange error code or message on your phone screen and be unable to proceed any further.

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