Why Lords of the Fallen Crossplay not working (and when it’ll back)

Many of the Players have been having Lords of the Fallen Crossplay not working issue from day one but now developers also disabled this feature until further notice.

Lord of the Fallen had the Crossplay which many of you might have noticed.

Crossplay stands for Cross-platform play, a term used for the functionality in the online multiplayer game that allows players to play with those who play with anyone, even other players who are using another gaming hardware system.

For example, if you are playing on a PC and your friend owns a PlayStation console, compete with him or join him in a game.

The game has been launched for Windows PC, Xbox, and Play Station 5 recently, but many players did notice various issues with joining their friends.

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The reasons behind this were very simple – while the game is available on all these platforms, the versions are different on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox.

Due to that reason, many individuals are struggling to make Crossplay work.

Recently developers too had disabled Crossplay on Lord of the Fallen on all platforms.

Why Lords of the Fallen Crossplay not working

Why Lords of the Fallen Crossplay not working

Lord of the Fallen Crossplay stopped working for the players just one day after its official release.

However, this is not due to server overload, glitches, or bug in the game but actually happened because the developers decided to remove this functionality temporarily until further notice.

On their Twitter social media platform “X”, they informed players about their decision.

As you can read they had made this decision after getting feedback from the players.

However, the Crossplay is just disabled temporarily, it’s not completely removed from the game.

They optimized the Cross-Play so the player will not face any performance issues while playing with gamers on other platforms.

All the multiplayer modes such as Co-Op and PvP will remain active and you will be still able to play with Lords of the Fallen who are on the same gaming platform.

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When will Lords of the Fallen Crossplay will be back?

This functionality has been just disabled on 14th October. 

At the time of writing this article, there is no mention of the exact date when they will going to add Crossplay back into the game.

The only thing that developers mentioned it’ll be disabled until they fix all of the performance issues and optimize the game.

This action is taken due to many players have complaints Crossplay not working for them, no matter how many times they have tried.

The few users who are successful in using Crossplay to play with their friends have noticed many performance issues during their gameplay.

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