Fix: NBA League Pass app ‘MEDIA_ERR_DECODE’ error on PS5

Viewers who are using NBA League Pass app on their Play Station 5 or other consoles are encountering a strange error ‘MEDIA_ERR_DECODE’ while streaming the game.

This error leaves users completely incapable to stream NBA League on their consoles.

Here in this post, we are going to talk about MEDIA_ERR_DECODE, detail: Media failed to decode and what you can do to fix this not working error.

NBA League Pass app ‘MEDIA_ERR_DECODE’ error

NBA League Pass is one of the easiest ways for Basketball fans to stream NBA games on their Phone, Smart TVs, and consoles.

NBA League Pass subscription allows you to watch every game live or on-demand, plus around-the-clock NBA TV coverage.

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NBA League pass which is available to stream on NBA: Live Games & Scores app is not working for some Play stations 5 users for the past few days.

While viewers try to watch league pass games on the PS5 app they are getting this strange error –

“Error, Reason: MEDIA_ERR_DECODE, detail: Media failed to decode, Player: Bitmovin, version:8.92.0, please try again later”

Due to this error, some users are unable to stream content on their PS5 or in some cases Xbox console too.

This problem is also acknowledged by the NBA Twitter account where they posted that they are aware of this problem.

How to fix NBA League Pass app ‘MEDIA_ERR_DECODE’ error 

For now, the Support team has acknowledged this issue and working toward a fix.

The suggested error is not due to some sort of technical issue on your Playstation or Xbox console but this error happened because there is something wrong with the NBA League Pass app or server itself.

Since this error is not on the user’s device but due to some kind of bug in either their server or the PS5 app itself you can’t really fix it.

However, users who are streaming content on mobile apps are not having any issues similar to this one.

The only information we have about this is that team is working toward fixing this issue.

You can write to the NBA App support team sure, but they most likely will answer that they are aware of this issue and working toward a fix.

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Once this fix this bug they will update the app.

Till the time update comes we can do nothing but wait patiently.

So while it’s not exactly a solution but we have no other option to steam NBA on other devices like a smartphone.

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