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Her is Here is How to Download Neverskip Parent App for your Android, iOS, and PC/Laptop. Here we are not going to review this but Also the Neverskip teacher App and how to log in there on the official portal.

You no longer need to login to the official portal via your computer to access the features, almost all of them available on your phone now.

Want to know more about this than this post for you, keep reading.

Neverskip portal App Review

Neverskip parent portal App
Developed ByNeverskip
Rating3.6 Stars
DownloadsOver 1,000,000+

The Neverskip Parent App mobile application is the mobile version of the site which is designed for parents.

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Through the portal, you are able to get access to various services that are offered to the parents.

If you are already a registered user then you can use this App. Instead of login in every time on your computer, you can use this from anywhere, anytime on your mobile phone.


  • It provides you information on your kid’s Academics, Attendance record in just one click.
  • You are able to access photos, Videos of the functions, programs that held in the school.
  • A clear record of the fees and the fees you paid is available on the portal. This application also provides you the option to pay the fees online right from your phone.
  • Now there is no need to need a computer, Almost all of the features of the portal is there right on your hand as the Android App.
  • It has real-time tracking of school buses so your kids will now never miss the school bus.


  • The efforts of providing this App is good. But it needs improvement.

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NeverSkip Parent App

Neverskip Parent App is a mobile application version of the official portal designed for the parent

It is labeled as The School Parent App on the Google play store if you want to download it on your Android smartphone.

If you want to Download Parent App, then you have to proceed as per your Operating system and the process that I am mention down below.

Parent App Download for Android

Follow this process to Download Neverskip parent App for Android mobile phone-

  1. First, on your Android mobile phone Open the Download page by this link.
  2. The Download link will refer you to the Download page inside the Google play store mobile Application.
  3. You have to click on the install button there, to Install the parent portal app on your mobile phone.
  4. The user also requires the Android OS above version 6.0 to make this app work on their mobile phone.

Once the Mobile App is installed on your phone you can proceed with Parent login.

Download for iOS Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

The School parent app is now officially available for iOS devices.

Also if you want you can also access the official web portal right from your computer or mobile browser.

If you want to Download School Parent App for iOS then you have visited the Apple iTunes App store.

Use this link, The link will send you on the Download page of the Apple iTunes App store.

That being said, that way you can Download Neverskip Parent portal App for iOS Apple iPhone, iPod, or any other Apple devices such as iPod Touch.

Neverskip parent app download for PC

If you are a PC or Laptop user, you will want to Download Neverskip parent app download for PC or your Laptop.

Since the portal is available online, Just one click away in your web browser you don’t need to Download the Neverskip parent app download for Laptop or Pc.

To Access the Web App you simply have to head over to Parent.NeverSkip.Com.

Once you there simply Login using your registered mobile number or email id which is given to you by the school.

Parent Login on

The Parent App Login User ID which either can be a registered Mobile number or the Registered email ID of the parent can be used there to log in.

To Login Make sure that you enter the mobile number that you give in the school during the registration.

This login is valid for both mobile phone Applications and the online web portal as well.

If you are not sure which Email ID or Mobile number that you have given to the school then you can contact the school to verify your user id.

Parents, if they want can easily reset the password if they forgot their password.

How to download videos from neverskip parent app

The Application is available in both Mobile and web versions.

On a Mobile phone, whether you are using Android or iOS devices you can download it for both of them.

The Mobile App offers you the following features-

  • You can gather the information on the activities held by the school.
  • All of the information regarding fees and the option to pay school fees online.
  • Parents are also able to track the school bus in real-time.
  • Provide you access to all of the available photos, Videos of School functions in one place.

So once the user login into their account they can access the photos, videos directly by the application interface.

Currently, there is no way that the App user can download videos from neverskip parent app.

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NeverSkip Teacher App

The Neverkip portal app is not only available in the Parent app format but application is also available for the teachers of the school.

NeverSkip Teacher App Download

This Application is available to Android/iOS as a mobile application, which can be downloaded from the official app store and Google play store.

Download Teacher App for Android

Here is How to NeverSkip Teacher App Download for Android-

  1. To Download NeverSkip Teacher App, first head over to the google play store using this link.
  2. Download the Teachers app on your Android mobile phone.

Now you can Proceed to Login using your Teacher Login.

Download Teacher App for iOS

You can Download Teacher App for iOS as well.

For Apple devices, this Application is published under Jarulss Technology Solutions which is a different publisher from Google’s Android App store.

Use this link to head over to the Apple app store download page.

Teacher App for Laptop or Windows 7/8/10 PC

School Teacher App is not available for Windows Computer or Laptop or any other PC operating system.

For PC What teachers can do is log in on the Web Version using their Web browsers.

Neverskip teacher App login

Here is the process for Neverskip teacher App login-

  • Open the Mobile Application once the Installation is finished. If you do not Download it till now then follow the Download process mention above to finish installation.
  • There first when you open the application you will see the login option.
  • Use Your Teacher Login credentials which are registered with the school.

That’s it, That how to Neverskip teacher login in the mobile application.

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