Chegg not working? – fix issues with Sign-in, Chrome & Phone

Is Chegg not working on your Laptop or PC Browser and Phone? This guide is for those who are having issues such as sign-in errors, OTP verification problems, not showing answers, or any other problem related to this online education platform.

How to Fix Chegg not working errors?

Chegg is one of the most popular education companies.

It offers help with homework to students, digital textbooks, and online tutoring among a list of other educational services.

This guide answers how to Fix Chegg not working errors.

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Why is Chegg not showing solutions?

Chegg is a subscription-based service.

In order to access all of the study material, answers, and tutorials they offer you have to get a subscription.

If you have an account but haven’t updated the payment info, you will still access the services they offer but your access will be restricted.

But in case you already have the Premium account but are still unable to see answers, you have to contact support.

Fix Something Went wrong to try again later

Some users getting this error message-

“Something went wrong, try again later”

This issue could happen due to one of the following reasons-

  • Due to cache or Cookies in your browser – Try to refresh the page. If that does not work clear out cache and history and try login in again.
  • Server-side issue – There is some server issue going on. You can try again later after some time if that’s the case.
  • Network connectivity issue – There might be some issue with your network. Check your connection and reload the page again.

Why is Chegg not working on Google Chrome?

Chegg works best when you use it on your Browser.

And Google Chrome is the most popular browser available.

Most of the time Www.Chegg.Com works flawlessly on your browser.

But sometimes you can face issues.

Here are some common reasons why it is not working for you-

  • There are some issues with Cookies and JavaScript. Clear out cookies and history and see if the website start working properly.
  • Some browser extensions specially adblockers might cause interruptions. Try disabling extensions one by one to find the culprit.
  • They don’t allow VPN, if you are using a VPN just disable it first.

Chegg is not working on the Phone?

Chegg study app offers a list of the official app available for Android and iOS operating systems.

If you study using your Phone or Tablet, it’s better to use a mobile application instead of an official website in your mobile browser.

For example, they offer – School help with Chegg Study, Mathway, Chegg Prep Study flashcards, and the Chegg eReader app.

All of these apps are useful for you if you have a premium subscription.

Chegg is not working on the Phone in the mobile browser you can use these mentioned mobile applications instead.

Chegg Verification code not working?

Chegg sends you a verification code while you try to login into your account.

Also, users who have two-factor authentication enabled need to verify the OTP code in order to access the site.

The most common issues related to OTP are getting no verification code, taking too much time receiving code, or seeing errors like – ‘something went wrong, try again later.

There is no straight-up solution for this kind of issue.

The fix is very well dependent on the error.

If you are having a verification issue you can try the following-

  • For Verification, emails check your Inbox as well as spam, promotion, or other folders as well.
  • Check for the error code that you are getting.
  • Check that the mobile number or email address that you have entered is right.
  • Confirm that there is no server-side issue going on. If the Chegg server is down, login will also not work properly.
  • Make sure that you have entered the exact OTP code in the verification box.

However, if the issue is not on your end which is most of the time with OTP verification, you can’t fix it.

So when the problem arises due to a technical issue it’s better to contact support.

Why is Chegg not letting me Sign-in?

If you are unable to login into your account it could be due to the following reasons-

  • You are entering the wrong login information.
  • The server might be down right now, or there is some issue going on.
  • Your account has been revoked, restricted, or blocked permanently.
  • There might be some issue with your browser, try another web browser.

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Why is Chegg highlight not working?

If the highlight feature is not working for you it could be some kind of cookie issue or problem with the extension installed on your browser.

How to Fix Chegg Camera not working?

It is most likely due to either technical or permission errors. If the app camera not working for you make sure to provide sufficient permission.

How to solve Chegg Payment not working?

Not all payment methods are supported. If the Payment method is not working you can always try another payment method.

Is Chegg Down right now?

Crash and server-side issues are normal (if accurate) happen for a large number of users. So if you and your friends are unable to use Chegg on all laptops, Phones, and browsers, it’s almost like Chegg is down right now.

Why is Chegg not working on my laptop?

The issue might be with the browser you are using. Try using another web browser and see if that fixes the problem for you.

Does Chegg work with VPN Connection?

Most of the VPN servers and providers are blocked by Chegg. So if you are using a VPN while accessing this service on your phone or PC it most likely won’t work for you.

How to fix Chegg eReader not working?

The Chegg eReader app is not properly optimized. That’s why Online eBooks would not work properly on Android, iPhone, or iPad. If you want to read eBooks using eReader, it is better to use a PC browser instead.

Why I am not getting a one-time verification code to log in on Chegg?

It could be due to some kind of technical issue. Worry not, you can always try again a little bit later. It does not work for a very long time, you have to contact the customer support team.

How to fix the Chegg study app not working error?

The Chegg study app works flawlessly on iOS devices. However, sometime you may face some issues. Cleaning the app cache and app might help with some temporary issues.

Why is my Chegg Subscription not working?

Time by time they restrict or even remove user accounts due to guideline violations, honor code violations, and even if you leave it inactive for some time. If you are unable to log in to your account or check your subscription, confirm with the support they didn’t remove your account.

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