Pearson Not Working? How to Fix for Website, Vue, Camera & Lockdown Browser

Is Pearson not working for you? If you’re facing issues with Pearson not working, don’t worry! In this article, we’ll discuss step-by-step troubleshooting tips to fix Pearson-related issues related to the website, Vue, Camera, Lockdown Browser, and other common issues faced by learners.

Pearson Education offers an extended range of educational services to schools and corporations and students.

Even though it primarily works in North America, it offers its services to more than 70 countries all around the world.

The main website – Www.Pearson.Com is the official PLC website for Learners, Educators, and Practitioners.

They also have a few other websites like Www.Pearsonpte.Com for helping you improve your English, for CBT development, etc.

However, recently some of the users are encountering Pearson not working issues.

Here are some of the issues, and what you can do to basic troubleshooting so you can fix it by yourself.

Pearson Website not Working on your Browser

Pearson Not working

Pearson applications and websites like any other web application are browser-based.

You have to use your web browser to access these services.

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If a website is not working it could be due to one of the following reasons-

  • There is some sort of server issue going on right now.
  • Your Browser is having an issue loading content from the website.
  • The problem might be with neither client nor the server but could be due to your network connection.

If the problem happens due to the browser you are using such as Google Chrome or Firefox, you can follow the specified steps to resolve issues-

Fix Issues on Google Chrome

For Google Chrome users, if you are sure that this problem is due to the browser you can follow this troubleshooting guide –

  1. Remove any extensions that might be interfering with connection, specifically ad-blockers and privacy extensions.
  2. Close all tabs, except the home page on your Google Chrome browser.
  3. Press cntrl+h and choose to delete history with cookies and cache of all time.
  4. Close Google Chrome and open it again.
  5. Open the website again, log in, and see if the issue is fixed.

Fix Not working on Firefox

Using Pearson on your Firefox Browser? Follow these steps to fix any browser-related issues –

  1. Remove any extensions that might be interfering with connection, specifically ad-blockers and privacy extensions.
  2. Close all tabs except the new tab.
  3. Click on the menu button in your Firefox browser.
  4. Navigate to history > clear recent history.
  5. From the dropdown choose everything.
  6. In the history section tick on everything, even site settings, and offline site data, and click ok.
  7. Close firefox, open it again and see the website is working.

Pearson not working on MAC

Unless we are talking specifically about the application, there is no difference between accessing the website on Mac compared to windows.

One thing that might be different is the browser that you are using which in the case of MAC is safari.

If Pearson not working on Safari you can choose to use Chrome or Firefox browser instead.

However, if you prefer to stick to Safari you can apply the recommended setting to avoid any issues.

Pearson won’t let me Sign in on the website

Sign-in, Login errors are usually are results of an incorrect password or username.

If the problem is due to incorrect login details, you can fix this by resetting your account password on the login page.

But some time problem is not that simple.

Sometimes it could be other reasons like –

  • Your temporary access has expired.
  • Authentication required error.
  • Corrupted cookies or other cookies-related issues on your browser.
  • They might have blocked your account.

In any case, you can follow this official login wizard to identify the main reason behind login errors and how to fix sign-in errors.

Fix Pearson Vue not working Issues

Pearson Vue not working

Pearson Vue is there for online examinations, tests, and quizzes.

It’s one of the most essential services for both educators and students.

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So it must be a top priority to check that everything is working properly on time for the exam.

Vue System test not working?

OnVue System test is to check your Computer, Webcam, Microphone, and Speaker prior to test day.

Basically, it’s to confirm that your computer is fully compatible with the application that you need to run during examinations.

To run a system test you can run the OnVue System test from

Before running the test make sure that you have everything – including your ID, System (Including webcam, microphone & speaker), and testing space ready.

Also, check for technical requirements before you run the test.

Pearson Vue Login not working

You can schedule your exam and perform a few other tasks via Pearson VUE.

Once you are ready to schedule your exam in the Certification dashboard you will see the option – schedule next exam.

Once you clicked on that option you will see a new page where you can choose to schedule with Pearson VUE and then proceed to log in.

When everything is working correctly you will be able to log in there without any issues.

If there is a login issue eliminate any error and refresh your browser.

But some users do get errors like – Error logging into Pearson VUE_ERROR_ VUE_WIDE_BLOCK.

This happens when you made too many attempts to submit information and Vue locked your account.

To unlock your account you have to contact VUE customer service.

Vue Camera or Webcam not working?

During online examinations, it’s required to set up the webcam and provide 360 degrees sweep of my room with my webcam when asked.

The exam could be revoked if your video feed isn’t properly shown.

That’s why check the webcam before the actual exam.

However, sometimes strange issues occur when Pearson Vue Camera is not working for the students.

If your Webcam is not it could be due to a Firewall or weak internet connection.

In case problem with not the application on your end, you can try replugging the webcam or do a few other troubleshooting.

You can also submit a support request if the issue is not on your end.

Is Pearson not working? – Other general issues

Have any other issues related to Pearson?

Here is how you can fix miscellaneous issues-

Lockdown Browser not working

Pearson Lockdown browser is designed for quizzes and online tests.

The lockdown browser, as its name suggests restricts browsing on your PC to this browser only during tests.

It is specifically available for Windows or Mac computers and cannot be used with Chromebooks, mobile devices, and tablets.

If the LockDown browser stops responding or not working during usage it could be due to other programs running in the background.

So it’s strongly recommended to stop any other application running in the background before you start this browser.

Especially the application that uses Java, Internet, or file manager can affect it.

Access Code is not working?

For those who don’t know Pearson access code is a kind of prepaid access for online courses and products.

You can either buy an access code for yourself or anyone else to offer them.

Sometimes access code also comes with your new textbook.

Once an access code is used, it can’t be used again.

But if the code isn’t used and it is not working as it is supposed to then you can contact the support team and raise this issue with them.

You can use visit this support page to contact the customer care team.

Is Pearson Server Down?

All of the information about Pearson servers, whether their current status, planned maintenance, or historical outage information available on the status page.

If you want to know any or all Pearson servers down right now you can head over to –

That status page provides all the outage information about current and past events when person not working for you.

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