Is Paramount Plus Live tv not working? – 6-step guide to Fix Live TV Streaming

Are you trying to stream Live TV channels on your Paramount+ App but suddenly it’s not working? Problem-related to Live viewing is common, and in this guide, we are going to talk about How to Fix Paramount Plus Live tv not working errors.

How to Fix Live TV not working on the Paramount Plus app?

How to Fix Paramount Plus Live tv not working errors

Paramount+ App is offered by CBS Interactive and is one of the most widely popular online streaming platforms for Shows, movies, and even Live TV streaming.

If you are an old reader of CnbDaily you might have read our previous article Paramount plus app not working on LG TV.

Here we are not going to talk about all of the Paramount Plus app issues but specific problems that as an app user you might be having right now.

And that is Paramount Plus Live tv not working.

As part of the package, this streaming app offers you Live streaming of various events and Live viewing of various available TV channels.

One of the few things that you should remember about Live TV on Paramount Plus is that even if you are premium subscribers you will see commercials just like you will see on your Television set.

As a subscriber, you will have full access to CBS news, and Scores+ highlights along with 20 live TV channels offered in this application.

However, getting access to live TV channels in this app is not a problem (Which is no doubt you can access once you subscribe).

The problem is Recently Live TV on the Paramount Plus app is not working properly.

In this guide, we are going to discuss in more detail Why you are unable to access Live TV channels on Parmount+ and a step-by-step process to fix Live TV streaming issues for you.

Here is a step-by-step troubleshooting guide that you have to follow in order to Fix Paramount Plus Live TV not working errors –

Restart the Paramount Plus App

Over time streaming services apps no matter which one it is, accumulate lots of temporary caches and some of it might affect your live streaming.

When you are unable to stream live TV, simply close the app and restart it again.

Check your Network connection

Temporary glitch while streaming is common, and so is the network connectivity-related issues.

Once, the force restart doesn’t work, the next thing on our list is to check your Internet connection and ensure that you are getting the proper speed to stream online video content.

Ensure that Paramount Server isn’t down

When the Parmount+ server is down, streaming any kind of content on this app would also suffer.

If the Live TV channels would stop suddenly, chances are that this is server related problem.

You can check the current status by simply heading over to the Paramount+ Server status page.

When the server is down it is recommended to wait till developers fix the problem.

You can also contact support meanwhile to get more information on the Paramount server outage.

Power Cycle your device

Paramount App is available on almost every platform, be that may PC, Android, iOS, Android Smart TVs, Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, or any other streaming device.

For Streaming Devices, Phones, and Smart TV rebooting your device also helps to

Update, Reset or Re-install the mobile app

First, head over to the app store page and see if there is any update. Update the app to the latest available version.

If there is no new update but the app still acting weird, the next thing you can try is resetting the app to its default settings.

This can be achieved by clearing the app cache & app data and logging in again to the app.

You can also try reinstalling and see if that fixes the problem.

Fixing Issues on your Web browser

The official website ParamountPlus.Com is available for those subscribers who rather stream content on their PC or Laptop.

You can head over to the official website and start streaming whenever you want.

Just like the mobile application, You can also stream live TV channels on your web browsers as well.

And error streaming in Live TV could also happen on PC as well.

Troubleshooting for this error on PC is different compared to the app, and here is how to Fix Paramount+ Live TV not working on PC –

  1. When this error happens the first thing you can do is clear Cookies and History. Exit from the browser and Re-login after some time.
  2. Disable any third-party extensions specially ad-blockers or privacy extensions that might affect online streaming.
  3. Check for the Paramount server status and ensure that the server isn’t down using this link.
  4. Try another browser.
  5. If nothing works contact customer support for more information.

In the end, by following this article you can resolve Paramount Plus live TV not working issue.

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