Supermarket Simulator: Restocker not working? Here’s How to Fix this Bug!

Having a restocker in Supermarket Simulator is a dream come true... until they stop restocking! Don't you worry tho, this post will help you identify the reason get and them back to work.

Rahul Bodana
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Listen, I know the feeling. You finally hire a restocker in Supermarket Simulator, thinking “Hallelujah, a break from this endless stocking!” But then… what? They’re just standing there like a confused mannequin? Don’t panic, fellow store owner! We can turn this frown upside down (and get those shelves stacked with chips again) with a few simple tricks.

Having a restocker in Supermarket Simulator is a dream come true… until they stop restocking! Don’t worry, frustrated store owner, there are a few reasons why your restocker might be playing hooky and some simple solutions to get them working again.

Label it right

First things first, restockers are particular about where they get their supplies. They won’t pick up boxes from the floor or shelves without labels. To make work right Label It Right.

Ensure your storage racks are named and organized. This helps restockers navigate the backroom efficiently.

    Few more tips

    Imagine your restocker as a diligent (but slightly literal) librarian. They rely on clear instructions:

    • One Shelf at a Time: Restockers won’t fill entire shelves, only the specific one you’ve designated with an item.
    • Memory Lapses: Placing a new item on a rack erases the previous item’s location unless it’s on a different rack. Think of it like a book being removed from the library catalog. You’ll need to re-shelve the forgotten product manually.

    Fixing Glitch, bug or some issue with Game itshelf

    Sometimes, a little digital nudge is needed. If the above steps don’t solve the issue, try these:

    • Restart the Game: A simple restart can often resolve temporary glitches that might be causing your restocker to malfunction.
    • Fire and Rehire (as a Last Resort): If all else fails, you can dismiss the restocker and hire a new one. This should be a last resort, but it can sometimes clear persistent bugs.

    By following these tips, you should have your restockers back in action, keeping your shelves brimming with inventory and your customers happy! Remember, a well-organized store with clear instructions is key to a smooth restocking operation.

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