Viki Not Working on Roku? – Here is how to fix it in 6 simple steps

Is Rakuten Viki not working on Roku? Here we are going to see how to fix not loading, not working and login issues so you can stream your favorite Korean shows without interruption.

Viki Not working on Roku? – Reasons and Solutions

Viki not working on Roku

Viki is an online platform, Website, and mobile application that offers you Asian dramas, movies, and tv shows.

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There you can not only watch Korean TV shows but also shows from China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and another part of Asia as well.

It has a wide range of collections where you can watch these TV shows and movies with Subtitles in your own language.

It is also available as a channel for Roku players and TV.

Why is Viki Not working on my TV?

There are many reasons that one channel might not work on your Roku.

Here are a few reasons why Viki is not working on your Roku Device-

  • It might be not available in your country. As of now, it is only available in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and Puerto Rico.
  • You might be facing a temporary issue due to a server down, or scheduled maintenance.
  • There might be some issue with your internet connection.

Troubleshooting steps to Fix Viki not working on Roku

Here are the steps you can follow to troubleshoot various issues-

  1. First, you have to Log out from your Viki account. To do that on the sidebar panel navigate to the setting and choose Log out.
  2. Now we have to Unistall this channel. And to Unistall it Presses Home button and Highlights Viki, press * to open the options menu. Choose ‘Remove Channel’ there.
  3. Reboot your TV and Roku.
  4. Now Re-install Viki again.
  5. Now we have to Restart Roku Again by navigating to Settings > System > Power > System restart.
  6. Now you can log back into your Viki account and see if this fixes the issue for you.

While this guide may fix the issue for most of users, It may not work for every case.

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If you are still having trouble you can contact Viki customer support by submitting a request.

Here is the Support link –

Other FAQs

Does Roku have Viki?

Yes, the Viki channel is available on Roku.

What is Viki Channel on Roku

This channel is available by the same name. You can search it by its name and you can choose from the list of available results.

How to Get Viki on Roku?

Search for ‘Viki’ and add this channel to your subscription list when you get the options.

Why is Viki not working in India?

There might be an issue with your Browser or ISP. As of now it’s available and not banned in India. As for the Ruku channel, it’s only available in the list of a few selected countries and India is not one of them.

Is Viki free on Roku?

It offers you lots of free content if you use Viki Private. But just in case if you want to access the full library you need a Subscription pass, which would cost you $50/ Year.

Is Viki compatible with Roku?

Yes, it’s compatible and available on the Roku streaming platform. You can add this as a channel and start streaming TV shows whenever you want.

I am having Viki Login Issues, How can I fix this?

Try to log in using another platform, device, or account. If the problem persists it might mean it server-side issue. If you are able to log in it means the problem was with your device. You can try reinstalling or a device reset might fix the issue for you.

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