Airtel 5G Unlimited Data Not Working? – Here’s the Solution

Both Airtel and Reliance Jio officially launched their 5G network in India on October 1, 2022.

Also, instead of offering different plans with limited data, they are offering unlimited 5G uses for those already recharged with any of the unlimited 4G plans.

If your handset is 5G enabled then it is good news for you, however, according to some of the users they are not able to enjoy the benefit of unlimited free data on their Airtel mobile number.

But there are some subscribers for those Airtel 5G Unlimited Data Not Working on their handsets.

This article contains a step-by-step troubleshooting guide to fix Airtel 5G Internet not working and we will also go through the terms of this free data offer.

How to Fix Airtel 5G Unlimited Data Not Working

Fix Airtel 5G Unlimited Data Not Working?

In order to use unlimited fre internet data on Airtel there are some conditions which must be met.

For example, your handset must be compatible, 5G network should be there their in your area amongst other requirements.

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In more detail, when Airtel 5G Unlimited data not Working, you can follow these troubleshooting steps to the errors-

Initiate the right Recharge pack

This offer is available for those users who have recharged from Rs 239 or above truly unlimited plans.

However, the Rs 455 and Rs 1799 prepaid packs are not eligible for this offer.

While initiating the recharge check “Unlimited 5G data” is mentioned.

If it isn’t that plan doesn’t offer this benefit.

Check that your 5G is Compatible and Ready.

You already know that in order to get 5G data you must be using a 5G Smartphone.

But is your phone truly 5G ready?

You need to ensure this from network settings.

Tap and hold on the Internet data icon > Tap on Airtel number > and Choose “5G/4G/3G/2G (auto)”.

This setting will ensure that your device will use 5G data when the network is present.

Confirm that the Airtel 5G network is present in your Area

Currently Airtel 5G plus is only available in a few selected areas and even there only if the network is available at the moment.

If you are not living or currently there where the network is, only 4G data will work on your handset.

You must also remember that sometimes it can automatically switch to 4G when there is no strong 5G network present.

Refresh the mobile network

If you are sure that Airtel 5G towers are there in your area and other people are using it but not you then refreshing the network might help.

You can refresh the network simply by turning on Aeroplane mode and then off.

Rebooting your phone also refreshes the Airtel mobile network on your phone.

Turn off your mobile Hotspot

As part of the terms and conditions Sharing the data while accessing and using offered “Unlimited 5G data” is not allowed.

So if you are sharing data using a mobile hotspot with anyone else or on your own other devices, the unlimited offer will not work for you and your 4G data balance will be deducted from your account.

Check for plan expiry and Unlimited 5G last date

Free 5G data offered by Airtel is unlimited till the date the plan expired. Furthermore, the free unlimited trial is limited till the specific time frame.

For example Jio which is also running same kind of offer already announced that they will only offer data till December 2023.

There is no announcement for Airtel unlimited 5G data expiry date, but it expected they will end it after Jio will close their welcome offer.

What are the Terms of Airtel unlimited 5 Data offer?

The Unlimited 5G data offer is basically an introductory offer available for the customer the high speed, prior to making it available all across India.

Customers who have a 5G-enabled device and live in an area where they provide the latest generation of the internet can enjoy the data for free.

However, this will not activate automatically on your mobile number.

First in order to be eligible for this Unlimited internet, you must recharge from Rs 239 or above unlimited plan.

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Once you do, unlimited 5G internet along with the mentioned 4G data will be added to your number.

Wherever the 5G network is present, the data balance will not be deducted but if it uses the 4G data balance will be deducted from your daily limit or overall limit.

So in short, if you see “5G” near the signal, it means that your phone is using the 5G data and it’s free until that sign is there.

Customer who gets this offer can only use it for their personal and non-commercial use.

They can also not share the data via mobile hotspots, furthermore Airtel 5G plus is available only in a few selected areas and this “Unlimited uses” will only apply in those areas.

Failing to follow these terms could be the reason why Airtel 5G Unlimited Data Not Working on your phone.

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