Is your Reliance Jio 5G Unlimited Data not Working?

The Welcome offer by Reliance Jio offered Unlimited access to high speed 5G Internet to all those users who have compatible smartphones. But for some of these users Jio 5G Unlimited Data not Working or stopped working for them after some time.

This guide contains troubleshooting steps that help you identify Why Jio Free 5G Data not working for you and provide you with troubleshooting steps to follow to fix the Fix Jio Unlimited 5G Data not working error.

What exactly is the issue?

5G was introduced a while ago in India by two of the most Telecom service providers – Reliance Jio and Bharati Airtel.

While 5G has been launched officially in our country none of these companies charge a single penny from the subscribers to avail new generation high-speed Internet.

They are offering Unlimited access to free 5G Internet under the welcome offer to anyone who has a compatible handset.

Sure there are some terms like you must have a 5G compatible handset, 5G network availability should be in your area, and most importantly you must have recharge with any of the packs with welcome but getting access to free Unlimited high-speed Internet without uses cap is amazing in itself.

However, not all users are quite lucky, because for some Reliance Jio 5G Unlimited Data not Working, stopped working, or not working as it should have.

In this article, we are going to talk about this exact issue – Why Jio Free 5G Data not working for you and what troubleshooting steps you can follow to Fix Jio Unlimited 5G Data not working error.

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Here is Why you might not be able to use Jio 5G unlimited data

Here are a few of the most common reasons why Jio Unlimited free 5G data not working on your phone –

  • You need a compatible 5G-ready smartphone. The welcome offer will simply not activate on the devices which is not compatible.
  • Customers need to recharge with any of the recommended recharge plans.
  • 5G-Network should be available in the area where you live for unlimited free data to work. Otherwise, only 4G will work on your device.
  • Sometimes Jio automatically switches to 4G, this might happen a lot when you are traveling or in an area where the network is inconsistent.
  • Unlimited free Jio data use is only valid till your plan’s expiry. Once your plan expires, you can recharge again to enjoy the same benefits.
  • Till now there is no Jio Unlimited 5G data expiry date but they can end offer anytime. Once the trial period is over, you can’t get the benefits.

How to Fix Reliance Jio Free 5G Data not working

Why Reliance Jio Free 5G Data not working

Whether you are having this issue because of connectivity or due to some other reason, here are the steps you can follow to fix Reliance Jio Free 5G Data not working –

Check eligibility for the Welcome offer

Terms and Conditions of welcome offer unlimited trial is simple and easy to understand you just need a compatible phone, 5G-Network availability in your area, and recharge with any recommended plans.

Additionally, also sends a notification about your eligibility on your phone number after you insert a Jio sim card into your phone.

You can check the same in the MyJio app as well.

Ensure Free Data is offered with your recharge pack

The high-speed free Internet under the welcome plan will be offered to customers who have recharged with a plan of 239 or above.

Not all recharge packs are eligible for this offer.

However, customers who have recharged their Jio number with Rs 149, Rs 179, Rs 199, or Rs 209 can upgrade to the Welcome offer simply by doing an additional recharge of Rs 61.

Check your Smartphone for 5G compatibility

Is your phone is 5G-ready?

Still, in 2024 not many people are using 5G smartphones.

Ensure that your phone is compatible and all settings are configured properly to use high-speed internet.

Reconfigure the 5G-Network settings

Users who are using 4G internet might have different settings on their handset, even tho their phone is compatible.

You can easily reconfigure your phone to use Jio 5G simply by heading over to Network settings > Jio > Preferred network type > and Choose “5G/4G/3G (Auto)”.

This will utilize the high-speed network when present.

Check for 5G availability in your area

As we all know Jio 5G is not yet available in every corner of our country.

There are some cities, towns, and villages where the High-speed network is not yet present.

Check that 5G networks are available in your area.

Ensure the Welcome offer or Plan has not expired

Each of the recharge plans comes with an expiry date, once your plan expires you won’t be able to use the 4G data offered.

The same is true for unlimited trials under the welcome offer.

It’ll be valid only till your current plan expires. Once it does, you can recharge again to enjoy the same benefit.

Call Jio Customer Care

It is possible that there could be something that we might have overlooked and still after following all these steps Jio Free 5 is not working on the phone.

In that case, you can call Jio Customer Care by dialing “198” for support.

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Further FAQs

What Exactly do I get under the Jio Welcome offer?

Under the Jio welcome offer, you will get unlimited access to 5G data without any cap. This will also be valid till your plan expires. You can recharge again to get the benefit of the welcome offer again, once your current plan expires.

What happens to my 4G data if I get Unlimited 5G Data?

Both the plan and Welcome offer will work in parallel. When there is no 5G network available, it’ll switch to the 4G network automatically.

Will my data balance be deducted if I use 5G Internet?

No, your data will only be deducted when you will use 4G data.

Is 5G Unlimited in Reliance Jio Stopped?

At the time of writing this article, this offer is still valid and they haven’t stopped offering the 5G welcome plan.

Why is my Unlimited 5G data in Jio not working anymore?

Incompatible phone, No high-speed network available, Wrong network setting, and Network outages are the common reasons why Jio 5G not working on your phone.

How long will Jio offer unlimited access to 5G data?

For now, they haven’t provided any exact expiry that for the welcome offer. However, Reliance has mentioned that this will be valid till they cover the entire country. This could mean they might stop offering it after December 2023.


As indicated on their official website The Jio True 5G Welcome Offer is valid for only those users who have 5G compatible devices, are living in cities where Jio True 5G services are available, and have a valid active prepaid or postpaid plan of ₹239 or above.

Failing one of these and the Free data offered under the welcome plan will be not valid for you.

Other than these terms there are a few other reasons which contribute to Jio 5G unlimited data not working issue.

For example – Incorrect network settings, Temporary network outages, coverage issues, and offer expiry are a few of the other reasons why Jio Free 5G Data is not working for you.

Identify the main reason to help you fix the problem as mentioned in this troubleshooting guide.

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