Jio Network not Working? – Fix Calls, Internet Data and SMS Issues

Reliance Jio which is also simply referred to as Jio is one of the largest telecom network provider in India.

There is no doubt that Jio has a large subscriber base who uses its internet quite frequently on a daily basis.

While most of the time, this Internet connection works without any issue, sometimes, subscribers do face difficulties especially due to the Jio Network not working.

Problems like Jio Internet not working, No signal, No Network or data not working can happen to anyone even if you are living in an area where there is no chance of the network going down.

There could be any reason Why Jio Network might down right now today for you, we will talk about these reasons in this article.

You can (at least most of the time) fix these problems by simply following some troubleshooting steps, in this article, we will talk about that as well.

Why is Jio Network not working Today?

Fix Jio Network not Working

Identifying Why Jio not working will help you fix the problem. It’s hard to say why the Jio network not working for you since each individual case is different.

But depending on the nature of the error, or error code here are a few of the most likely reasons why it is not working for you –

The issue with your Smartphone

Most of the internet-related issues can be easily tracked to the user’s own mobile phone.

Incorrect APN, Incorrect network setting, and wrong SMS center could cause problems with calling, internet connectivity, and SMS.

Usually after inserting a SIM card in your phone, it automatically modifies the network setting to avoid all these but sometimes manual intervention from the customer is required.

Most of the time you can do it just by restarting your phone.

Sometimes you need to change these network settings manually by yourself.

Mobile Recharge related issue

In order to use offered telecom services like Calling, Internet data, and SMS, customer must need a valid plan active on their mobile number.

Failing to do so will without any doubt interrupt the flow of services.

Fortunately, customer can check their available balance using the My Jio app to ensure this is not the reason.

Problem with nearby Jio Tower

Reliance, Airtel, Vodafone Idea (VI), and BSNL are constantly working toward improoving their service and increasing the range of their mobile networks.

In order to achieve that they need to build a new tower and keep maintain and update their old mobile tower constantly.

If there is no telecom tower nearby, you will not get a network from that operator.

For example, if you are using an Airtel sim card, but their mobile towers are too far away, in that case, you will get poor coverage.

Furthermore, if there is an issue with any of your nearby smartphone towers, you’ll also face some trouble connecting to the network.

This rarely happens in metro or urban areas but more frequently in rural areas.

Problem with Reliance Jio Server

I remember a few months ago, one fine morning, I was unable to make any calls using my Reliance Jio mobile number.

It was the same with every other person I met. Everything else like Internet data was working fine, the issue was only with the calling.

Each and every time I tried to dial any number, the call got disconnected with the response message “Server error” on the display.

Apparently the issue got resolved a few hours after that.

Server errors are another reason why some of the services might get interrupted. Changes in this kind of problem are very slim but possible.

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How to Fix the Jio network not working

Some of the Jio Network issues such as No Internet, Slow data speed, and inability to send and receive calls or messages can be fixed, depending on the reason why exactly they are happening to you.

If Jio Network not working due to some outage or issue with a nearby telecom tower, it is not possible for the customers to solve issues on their own.

But if the problem alone on your mobile phone not with other customers at the same time you can easily troubleshoot by following a specific set of instructions which we are going to discuss in this article –

Fix Jio Internet Data is not working

Jio Internet not working or Jio Net giving slow speed are two of the most common problems for Jio subscribers.

However, most of the time fault isn’t even a lie of Reliance’s end.

Other than your proper coverage, the internet speed also depends on the smartphone that you are using.

Here are a few other reasons for Jio Data not working –

  • Daily limit exhausted: You probably have used all the data that you have on your current data plan.
  • Traffic Spike or rush hour: When a large number of users do use the internet at the same time on the same network the internet speed becomes too slow. This could happen during Internet rush hour or some event when a large number of people are using the internet at the same time.
  • Poor Network connectivity: If network connectivity is not good in your area, it also affects the Internet as well.
  • Misconfigured Data settings: Whenever you insert a new sim card, it will automatically configure network settings to use the internet. However, sometimes that doesn’t happen and due to that Internet simply won’t work.

When Jio Internet is not working on your smartphone but there is no network issue going on right now, you can check these settings to make sure that everything is correct –

  1. Tap and Hold on to the mobile data option on your phone till you see the mobile network option.
  2. Tap on the Jio SIM card.
  3. Look for the option labeled as “Carrier” and make sure it is set to “Auto Select”.
  4. Now look for “Access Point names” or “APN” and confirm that it is set to ‘jionet’.
  5. Next, look for the option “Data Roaming” and turn it on.
  6. If your phone has “
  7. Preferred Network Type” Settings (It comes with some 5G handsets), ensure it is set to “5G/4G/3G/2G (Auto)” or something like that.
  8. Now Restart your mobile phone for these network settings to take effect.

Can’t Send or Receive phone Call on Jio Number

Reliance Jio uses voLTE technology which allows it to fully optimize its 4G potential on your Android and iOS smartphone.

But it has its own downsides as well.

For example, if the sim card is in the Non LTE slot it might not work properly.

Other than that, there are some customers who have reported they are not getting incoming calls besides having a full network sometime.

Callers from another end usually hear something like “The number you are trying to reach is out of coverage area” even tho you were in the coverage area.

When you do face a Calling issue on Jio, first make sure that –

  • You have enough balance or calling plan activated on your mobile number.
  • You are getting full signal bars on your cell phone.
  • There is no planned or unplanned network outage going on right now.
  • Incoming or outgoing calls are not barred on your phone number.

The solution for this kind of problem is quite simple, you simply have to restart your mobile phone.

Restarting your phone will refresh the phone and fix any temporary issue.

But that doesn’t solve the issue and it has been going on for an extented period of time you have to call Jio customer support.

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Can’t send SMS or Message from my Jio number

If you are unable to send message from your Jio number there are three likely reasons –

  • There is no valid SMS pack or the recharge plan which provides you the ability to send messages is activated on your phone number.
  • There are some misconfigurations in SMS settings, and as a result, you can’t send messages from your phone.
  • The number to whom you sending the message is invalid or require a premium tariff.
  • The problem is with Jio Network.

Keeping all these three primary reasons in mind, here are the troubleshooting steps you have to follow –

Step 1: Check your Network

First, check your Jio network and ensure that you are getting a full network.

Furthermore please ensure that the right SIM card is selected when sending the SMS.

Step 2: Check the receiver number

Some of the numbers do require a premium tariff plan.

For example, there were some premium numbers provided by Airtel in the past which did cost 3 to 6 rupees per message.

Unlike Airtel, Jio usually does not provide these kinds of numbers.

But there is some third-party number which does cost extra money and considering almost everyone is nowadays using “Unlimited plans” instead of deductible balance, these will simply won’t work.

Step 3: Check your Active plan

Another reason could be not having a proper plan active on your phone number.

Most of the unlimited recharge packs offered by Jio does provide a few hundred messages, but it’s not true for all plan.

Open your “My Jio” app and there “View plan”.

Step 4: Reconfigure your SMS settings

Sometimes SMS settings can by mistake misconfigured by the user.

If that happens users will simply be unable to send messages to any number.

To fix this head over to Message App > Settings > Message Centre > Enter 1234 > Click OK.

If you are unable to find the Message Center option on your phone you can also dial “*#*#4636#*#*” and choose “SMSC” settings and set 1234 if the number is blank.

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