Unlimited 5G data expiry date for Jio and Airtel: When’ll the Welcome offer end?

The Unlimited 5G welcome offer was first started by Reliance Jio and soon after to compete with them, Airtel also introduced their own Free 5G for all eligible users.

Any of their subscribers, who are living in an area where the 5G Network is available and have compatible phones can easily get the benefit of this offer simply by recharging their numbers from any of the suggested 4G recharge plans.

For both Reliance Jio and Airtel, it’s a Rs 239 or above plan which offers you unlimited trial access to high speed 5G network on your Smart phone.

However, since the launching of the Unlimited free 5G data offer, the thing that is bugging all subscribers is how long it’ll will last.

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We all know that all good things must come to an end, and unlimited 5 trial access is no exception to that rule.

But for the time being neither Jio nor Airtel has given any exact date for Unlimited 5G data expiry to their customers.

It doesn’t mean it will last forever, nor it’ll mean they will run this campaign forever.

In this article we are going to discuss the Jio Welcome offer and Airtel Unlimited 5G data offer expiry date.

What is the Airtel and Jio Unlimited 5G data Expiry date?

When you recharge your Jio or Airtel number, unlimited access to 5G data will be automatically added to your number, considering you do have a 5G compatible handset.

The “Expiry Date” for that additional unlimited free data will be the same as the validity of the plan that you have activated on your number.

But, there is a thing you can get the welcome offer on your number, unlimited time.

Whenever you do recharge your number with the valid plan, you will get the “Unlimited free 5G” data for free.

Currently, there is no last 5G data offer expiry given either by Airtel or Jio, however, Jio has mentioned they will keep offering free high-speed internet data to their customers till their 5G covers the entire country.

This means that almost all the cities that do have 4G networks get the 5G upgrade.

As for Airtel, they haven’t given any information on the last date when their introductory 5G offer will expire, but we can assume they’ll also stop giving this offer once Jio ends their welcome plan.

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Even tho there is no clear expiry date that has been given by Jio or Airtel, it is assumed by many experts that the last date for this offer was – 31st, December 2023.

This might mean that the offer was supposed to expire on 1st January, 2024.

But we all know how it went down, since, there is no indication given on the new year by any of the Telecom providers that they are going to end the welcome offer anytime soon.

Anyway, it was just a possible unlimited 5G data Expiry date and not the exact date for offer expiry.

From now on we can only assume, it will last till every city India has 5G coverage similar to 4G network.

Here are few other things that you must note down about Free Unlimited 5G data offers –

  • Both companies mentioned on their terms and conditions page that the free data provided with these offers can be used only for personal and non-commercial uses.
  • Airtel has defined commercial use as “If the customer uses above 300GB data within 30 days”.
  • So if you use more than 300 GB of Internet within 30 days, Airtel can terminate this offer for you.
  • There is no such limit cap given by Reliance Jio, but they did agree that their welcome plan is also for non-commercial uses only.
  • On Airtel numbers, Sharing of data via mobile hotspots, once customers activate Unlimited 5G Data is not allowed.
  • This offer is automatically activated for eligible users. If not activated, you can claim via the Airtel thanks app (for Airtel users) and My Jio App (for Jio customers).
  • The 5G network is a must to use unlimited data. Your data from the plan will only be deducted if you enter to 4G area or by reason not get a 5G network in your location.

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