Angel Broking App: Review, Buy, Sell Shares, Download [A How-to Guide]

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Angel Broking App is an online Demat & Trading Account for Traders and investors who are seeking to invest online right from their mobile phones. Angel Broking Limited is India’s one of the most reputed, very old, and popular stock brokerage firms that established in the year 1987 which allows you to Trades in NSE/BSE/MCX stocks, Mutual funds, and F&O.

This is not only the review of this Mobile Trading App but you’ll also learn the uses, account opening process, sell/buy shares, Trading charges, Maintenance fees, and more.

Angel Broking App Review

Angel Broking App Review

Developed byAngel Broking Ltd
Rating3.7 Stars
DownloadsOver 5,000,000+

Here are the features that this Online Investing App offers you-

  • Stock Tracking: The Stock Watchlists and other Tracking tools are designed to help you watch over to their stocks which prices you track for investment and research purposes.
  • Financial Updates: Unlike any other Stock Trading Apps and like the Stock Analysing app this will offers you Stock market-related news directly from the App. You can check all the news that will affect the market without leaving this App.
  • Sync your Devices: The Angel broking is available for almost all of the major platforms. You can not only able to use it on your Smartphone but also on Tablet, PC, iPad too. Your account and data will be synced automatically on all of the platforms.
  • Flat Brokerage: For trading in it will charge you Rs 20 per order only. This Charge is applicable for intraday, Futures & Options, Commodity markets, and Currencies.
  • Personalized Support: The Users will be able to get personalized support and advisory. Using the listed phone number, E-mail, Live, or SMS you can get help from customer support easily.
  • Technical Charts: The technical charts, Graphs, and Technical indicators available for you for the technical analysis.
  • Other indices: Not only for investing in Equity via BSE and NSE but you can also trade in MCX, MSEI and NCDEX by using this Online trading app right from your mobile phone.

How to Download

The Angel Broking does not offer you a Single Application for trading but the Traders/Investor who has the account is able to use any of the Mobile Application that they will provide.

Here are Some of the Tools that are offered for you-

  • Angel Broking App: This Application is available for Android and iOS-based Smartphones. If you want to trade, this Application is for you.
  • Angel BEE App: This is not only a single mobile Application but a whole platform available for both mobile phones and Web browsers. It is for the Investors who are seeking to invest in Mutual funds.
  • Angel SpeedPRO: Desktop Software offered for you to trade using your Laptop or Desktop Computer.
  • Online Web App: Easy to Access web Application can be accessed by using your web browser.

Download for Android/iOS

You can Angel Broking App Download for the Android Smartphone & Tablets which are working on 4.4 and up.

and for the Apple devices like iPhone, iPod touch you can download on if they are working on iOS 10.0 or later.

This Mobile Trading App can be downloaded from the official Google Play store for Android and from the Apple iTunes App Store for your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Here are the Download Page links for both Major mobile operating systems-

Download for Windows 10/8/7 Laptop, Desktop PC

If you are using Windows Computer which works on Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows 8 then you can Download Angel Broking App for PC.

The SpeedPro is Online trading Software made available for Traders.

This can be Download from the Official website using this Link.

The software does not only offers you online Trading features but also comes with Trade monitoring capabilities.

Or in case if you don’t want to download any software on your Laptop or Desktop you can use the Web Application using your web browser.

How to Use Angel Broking?

Just like any other Mobile Trading App in India, You can use this online Trading App for Investing in equity right from your mobile phone.

Buying and selling share is not a complex process, you can do it just by clicking on few buttons.

There are few terms and conditions of course, but if you know what you are doing you can easily use this App to make money.

But first, before all that you need to Open a Demat + Trading Account.

That Demat and trading Account is necessary for Trading in India.

You will also need an Aadhaar Verified Active bank account with a net banking facility, which I guess you already have.

How to Apply for Angel Demat + Trading Account

Here is the process that you need to Follow to open your own Angel Broking Demat Trading Account Online-

  1. After You download the App on your Phone or When you visit the Official site –
  2. Enter Your Name, Your Mobile Number which is linked with Aadhaar, Your Location, and hit the apply now button.
  3. Verify your Mobile number using the OTP code that you’ll receive on your number via SMS.
  4. Enter the further information in the appropriate fields.
  5. Upload the All of the Required Documents.

Once you fill up the form, Fill up your Pan Card, DOB, EMAIL, Aadhaar Information correctly process is done by your end.

When your account will be verified, You will receive the Status and login information on your registered email address.

Account Opening Maintenance & Broking Charges

Just like most online brokers, this App will not charge you any money on Equity deliveries.

However, For Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Equity Options the charges are Rupees 20 per executed order or 0.25 (whichever is lower in your case) will be deducted.

There will no Account Maintenance fees will be charged from you for the first year and after that, it will be rs 100 (excluding tax) per year if the value of your holdings is above 50,000 and less than 2,00,000 rupees.

For the full list of prices, you can Checkout the official Pricing Page –

How to Check Application Status

Once you applied for a new Demat/Trading Account online your account will not be approved immediately.

It will take some time.

Once your application is approved, you will receive your account information on your registered email id.

If you will not receive any update in any given time frame, you can contact customer support for more information.

How to Trade in Angel Broking App?

Angel Broking Mobile App provides your simple to use interface to execute the trade on your mobile device whether you are an investor or a trader.

You can search for the share which you are interested in, If you like to buy them you can Buy and Use the Sell button you can sell shares.

How to Buy Shares

Here is How to Buy Shares using this trading App-

  1. After Login Open the App, You will see a Search button for search share to add to your watchlist.
  2. Search for the share that you are interested in.
  3. It will be added to your Watchlist, Now you can Track the price of that share.
  4. You can Buy the share by clicking on the Share name and Then the Buy option.
  5. Enter the Quantity, Price, Validity, and the type of order that you want to execute.
  6. In the Product, type Choose between Delivery, Margin, or intraday.
  7. Choose intraday if you are doing day trading, choose Delivery if you are going to hold that share for a longer time ie more than a day.
  8. Click on submit button.
  9. Your order will be executed.

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How to Sell Shares

Here is How to sell Shares using this trading App-

  1. If you are an intraday trader you will do the same way as the previous process but instead of buy choose to sell.
  2. If you are an investor and want to sell the share then head over to your Dashboard section.
  3. Click on the share that you want to share.
  4. Enter the Quantity that you want to sell and a few other information.
  5. Hit the submit.

If everything goes alright your sell order will be executed shortly.

The Execution of your order depends on multiple market factors, In case it will be executed you will see the error code.

How to Buy IPO?

You can Apply for IPO On Angel Broking, Whether you are using Mobile App, Web App.

Anyone with sufficient funds is able to bide in the Available IPOs.

  1. Open the App, Click on the Hamburger icon which you will see on the top left corner.
  2. Expand the Trade Option.
  3. You will see an Option for IPO there.
  4. Click on IPO.
  5. Now you will be able to see all of the available IPOs lists, furthermore, you can bid for them from there.
  6. Tap on the IPO that you are interested.
  7. If you want to Apply in that Particular IPO hit the Apply button.
  8. You will be redirected to the next page where you have to enter the lot size, bid price, Your UPI ID (for Transaction purposes).
  9. Enter the Lot size that you want.
  10. Enter the BID price within the price range, Enter the max bid price to increase your chances of getting the share during allotments.
  11. Enter your UPI ID.
  12. Click on pay button.

The same Amount will be blocked from your bank account.

*Here the Blocked amount will be shown to your account but you will not be able to use it till it deducted for shares or allotment will be done.

If by chance you will not get the shares during the allotment process the money will be unblocked.

How to Fix Angel Broking App not working?

There is no Single mobile application available on the Google Play Store or iOS App store, which is perfect by all means.

Even the best of the best apps will have some glitches, bugs from time to time.

That’s why the Mobile Application needed to get updated frequently.

If you are facing Angel Broking not Working on your Android or iOS phone, It may be caused by a problem.

Most of the problems for Apps like this that need constant internet connection comes from the server.

If the server faces a huge number of requests then the pages will take a long time to load, App becomes unresponsive or it simply stopped working.

If you are facing any kind of problem first make sure that you have a constant internet connection, Your App is updated to the latest version.

You can try out clearing cache/history and reinstalling the app.

If none of these works out for you, You can contact customers care for more information.

So that’s everything about this App, If you have any other questions in your mind you can ask in the comment section down below.

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