Groww App not working? – Fix Orders, Balance, login, and Stocks

Is the Groww app not working on your phone? Groww is one of India’s largest Digital stock broking solution, but it doesn’t always work smoothly as it supposed to. As a result login issues, order problems, balance errors, stock price display, and other error are common and faced by many users.

However, large number of these errors can be solved by end users easily. In this guide we are going to see what troubleshooting steps you can follow to Fix when Groww is not working for you.

Why is the Groww App Not Working?

Typically, disruptions in the functionality of the Groww app can be attributed to a variety of factors, including server glitches, updates, or internet connectivity issues.

These types of issues can often be resolved quickly with a simple troubleshooting step or a quick update

Of course, resolving the problem first requires the identification of the root cause.

Some of the issues, if they appear due to a factor that a user can control can be fixed.

While another problem requires you to wait till it is resolved itself.

And there are some serious bugs, glitches and technical issues, which can be fixed by only Groww app developers and in order to find a resolution for that particular error you might need to contact customer support.

How to Fix Groww App not working Errors?

How to Fix Groww App Not working

Are you encountering issues with the Groww app, such as login problems, order issues, balance errors, stock price display issues, and more?

Groww is one of the most popular online trading applications for Indian users who seek to invest just by using their mobile phones.

If you read my previous article on Groww App review, you are already aware of everything that this investment app has to offer you.

But this article is not about the question of what this mobile app offers you but more about How to fix various Groww App not working errors.

Quick Troubleshooting for the Groww app

Here are some quick troubleshooting steps that you can take to fix the Groww app not working issues on your phone –

  1. First when the app is opened force close Groww and any other application which is opened.
  2. See if that fixes the problem, if not proceed to follow the next step.
  3. Reinstall the app. Just tap on the app and choose to uninstall. Once it is uninstalled from the phone install it again from the app store.
  4. If reinstalling doesn’t work, this will indicate some larger problems with Groww servers.
  5. Usually, server errors are fixed within a few minutes to hours. It takes longer for you to Contact Groww support.

Fixing Groww Orders Not Getting Executed

Recently a few days back where users had an issue where they are unable to execute the order when they trying to purchase in stock from their Groww account.

Some of them reported that their orders are getting executed properly but they are not seeing this issue in their holdings.

At that time this was a temporary glitch and the workaround provided by Groww support was that simply restarting the app might fix the issue.

If that doesn’t work clearing the app cache, Force stopping the app, and rebooting your phone will help.

Resolve Groww Balance is Showing Zero

Funds are a major part of when you deal with stocks.

Using your bank account you can add some funds and use these funds to Invest in stocks or mutual funds.

All of your available balance is shown under the Groww balance section on the Profile page of this app.

You can tap on that option to get detailed information on all available balances, opening balances, withdrawable balances, or balances used for Stocks and F&O.

But the problem was some of the users were unable to retrieve their fund information.

When they try to see available funds they might see the word “NA” which stands for “not available”.

Other times they have seen not a blue line or blank field where their holding value is supposed to be.

First of all, when you see this issue, you don’t have to panic, all of your funds/holdings are completely safe.

When you see this error, it simply means that Groww servers are facing some unexpected issues.

This could be due to High traffic among a few other reasons.

You can force re-restart this app when you have these issues which usually fixes a large number of Groww app not working errors.

Resolving Stock Price Display Issues in Groww

Sometimes, and it happened to me as well personally a few days ago you might see blank space instead of stock prices or any other stats on this page.

This problem only happened briefly (most of the time) and you can fix price issues simply by force closing this app and restarting it again.

Albeit this can also last long, longer than a few minutes or sometimes hours.

If you need to perform no urgent task with this app you can wait till this problem is fixed by itself or contact Groww Customer support for further explanation on this issue.

Solutions for Groww Login Problems

Traders have options to sign-up for a Groww account via their Google accounts, social media, or by using email addresses.

However, in any of the modes of login users might sometime face difficulties in login into their account.

Here are some common troubleshooting for this error –

Force restart the app

Closing the Groww app will remove the temporary cache and when you log in again you might able to log in without any issue.

Reinstall or reset the app

when restarting doesn’t work, then you can try to reinstall the mobile application again to fix any login-related issues on my mobile phone.

If you don’t want to install then you can also try to clear and data which will remove all the files created by this application on your mobile phone and you can log in again when you open this App next time


Why I am unable to view funds and balance on my Groww Account?

There are various reasons why you might be unable to view your available fund in your Groww account. Most likely it is due to server-related issues.

How to Reactivate my Groww account if it is Deactivated?

You can Reactivate Groww account by simply contacting support. You must have used your registered email address to submit a ticket or support email.

What is the Groww Customer care number for immediate support?

Groww offers support via Email, Live chat, and customer care numbers. You can contact the support team by calling – 9108800604.

Can I log in with my mobile number on my Groww account?

There are various methods to log in. You can log in with your email or social account. You can link your mobile number but you must log in with your user ID or password.


So in conclusion, Groww is like a friend who’s usually reliable but occasionally throws a tantrum.

Sometimes you can coax it into behaving, but other times, there’s nothing you can do but wait it out and trust that the phase will pass.

If Groww isn’t working for you right now, today might be one of those days! The fixes mentioned in this troubleshooting guide might help, but if the problem stems from a glitch in their servers, there’s nothing you can do except wait

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