Best Stock Analysis App in India 2024 for Stock Research

If you are looking for What is the Best Stock Analysis App 2024 for tracking share price? Best App for Indian stock analysis that is well suited to do research for your Intraday trading or long-term investment by covering both fundamental analysis and technical analysis part then this article for you.

Because here I am Going to share with you not only one but 10 Best Indian stock analysis apps that will help you in your stock market research before identifying good stocks for your portfolio.

The Tools that I’ll be going to share with you here, are not only useful in tracking prices and doing fundamental and technical analysis but they will also alert you about recent important news in the Indian stock market.

Best Stock Analysis App in India 2024: Stock price tracking Apps

Best Stock Analysis App in India 2021: Stock price tracking Apps

There are lots of Stock analysis Applications available both in web and mobile App format that allows you to analyze any share Technically and fundamentally.

Here is the focus on those tools which provide their services for the Indian stock exchanges Nifty and Sensex.

When we talk about the Analysis of any share we generally talk about either Technical analysis Fundamental analysis or both of them.

For those who don’t know Technical analysis is the Study of the historical market data regarding any particular share.

In technical analysis, there are two main points that we analyze price and volume. The Analyzation of price and volume is done by using the charts.

Various kinds of charts are available for tracking and analyzing the prize pattern of a given share.

Line Charts and Candlelight charts are a few most famous examples.

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In Fundamental analysis, we paint an entirely different picture. There we analyze the fundamental of the company who’s the share we are going to buy.

Here we check profits, and cash flow, consider the management and prospect the profitability of the company.

This can be known by ratios such as PE, EPS, PB Ratio, Market cap, and other Fundamentals of the company.

Technical Analysis prefers to do technical analysis before buying the stock and fundamental analysts prefer to use fundamental analysis before buying the stock.

However, it’s generally good practice to use both Technical Analysis tools and Fundamental analysis before investing in the stock market.

Therefore, I am Going to share with you the Top 8 Best Stock Analysis Apps for Android, and iOS Smartphones.


Developed byTickertape
Rating4.5 Stars
DownloadsOver 1,000,000+

If you are a beginner in stock market investing then you can’t find a better mobile application as compared to Tickertape App for your Fundamental Analysis.

This Comprehensive Stock analysis platform allows you to use more than 130 different filters to create your own screener to find the perfect stocks for you.

Not only stocks you will be able to find ideal ETFs, Mutual funds for your needs.

The Informative asset pages provide you with sufficient stock information on past performance and company fundamentals so you can make a good choice.

It also has a market mood index to provide users with overall market sentiments.

MoneyControl App

Developed byNetwork18
Rating4.1 Stars
DownloadsOver 10,000,000+

Www.MoneyControl.Com is a known name in the financial sector, Known especially for the Stock market news.

The MoneyControl App is the mobile version of the website which offers all of the functionality that is available on the website.

Just like the web version, it allows you to read Stock Market News, Markets Update, Portfolio Tracking tools, Stock Tracking, Mutual fund tracking, Forum to ask questions.

If you want an Ad-free experience and want access to the Advance tools you can even subscribe to MoneyControl pro.

TradingView App

Developed byTradingView Inc.
Rating4.6 Stars
DownloadsOver 1,000,000+

If you are field of Technical Analysis then there is no way you may not hear of the TradingView app.

The website offers you Charts, Graphs for most of Worlds stock exchanges in one place.

If you are an Indian trader then the Subdomain is for analyzing any stock available on the Indian stock exchanges NSE and BSE.

This is a Mainly Technical Analysis tool where you can Find live Prices, Stock Charts, Trading strategies, and ideas.

You can use its Stock Screener to Find stocks as per your need.

Most Indian Stock Trading Apps actually use TradingView web Api to present historical price data in their Application.

TradingView App is the mobile version of this most popular website which you can download for free.

StockEdge App

Developed byKredent Infoedge Private Limited
Rating4.4 Stars
DownloadsOver 1,000,000+

StockEdge App offers you a 360-degree analysis of 5000 plus stocks in a single click along with the Complete mutual fund’s data at your fingertips.

Using The App on your mobile phone or as a web application you can customize your experience as per your needs.

This App features stock market updates, Top Stock research, technical scans, fundamentals scans, sector-wise research, strategies, Investing ideas, and analytics of mutual funds in one place.

Apart from the research tools using this app you will also instantly able to learn Technical analysis.

ET Markets

Developed byTimes Internet Limited
Rating4.7 Stars
DownloadsOver 1,000,000+

Presented by The Economic Times and don’t be confused by The Economic Times: Sensex, Market & Business News App.

Both App is published by Times internet limited but ET Markets offers you more of a practical tool to work on your research.

Not only Charts, Graphs, and Ratios but you can stay updated on the latest ups and downs of the market through the news.

ET Market App also provides you with the news that will directly or indirectly affect the stock market so you can invest wisely.

You can even build your own stock watchlist to keep track of the prices of any stocks without buying.

Market Mojo

Developed byMarketsMojo
Rating4.1 Stars
DownloadsOver 100,000+

Market Mojo is a stock research tool that allows you to Research and analyze more than 4000 stocks.

You can add stocks to your portfolio to keep track of their prices.

Market Mojo App does not only offers you the stocks research overview but also a model portfolio, portfolio optimizer, screeners, the verdict on various stocks, stocks of the month, and lots of other tools to ease your stock market research.

Investing.Com App

Rating4.5 Stars
DownloadsOver 10,000,000+

Investing.Com is the website not only for India but for almost all of the stock exchanges all around the world.

It is one of the most popular websites which is very useful for investors, brokers, and traders.

Investing.Com App is the official mobile application of the website which presents all of the useful data in a compact format.

The data present in the mobile application is in real-time, Alerts and personalized portfolio and financial tools that it offers will make it one of the must-have Stock analysis mobile applications for not only Indians but investors in any country.

Trendlyne App

Developed byGiskard Datatech Pvt Ltd
Rating4.2 Stars
DownloadsOver 100,000+

Trendlyne App is a simple tool that simplifies the stock market data with insights, Verified DVM Stocks scores, Swot for every stock, and easy-to-use stock screeners.

The portfolio tools that this offers you are one of the best for not only analyzing your earnings but the right valuation, and decision analysis easily from your fingertips.

The users easily track stocks by adding them to their watchlist and Have unlimited stock alerts.

The alerts you can have not only for the prices but for Volumes, SMAs, Crossovers, and Even on Research Reports.


Developed byNetwork18
Rating3.7 Stars
DownloadsOver 500,000+

CNBCTV18 Business, Market News is the mobile application by Network 18.

This is the news Application that offers you Financial news on the go right from your mobile phone.

Using this stock market news app, you will not only able to find Financial news headlines but the Live Tv online.


So that’s the list of Top 10 Best Apps for Indian Stock Analysis of 2024.

If you have any questions/Queries/Suggestions in your mind regarding this list of best apps for stock analysis in India then you can mention that in the comment section down below.

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