How to Open Kotak Neo Demat Trading Account?

Kotak Neo, the trading platform offered by Kotak Securities, is a popular choice among traders and investors. One of the critical highlights of opening a trading account with them is the absence of any trading fees across all segments.

It may seem unbelievable, but it’s true that a reputable brokerage firm is offering trading services without any brokerage charges.

You can even trade with Futures and options without paying any single rupees as brokerage.

The same is true for Intraday or any other kind of trading on their app – Kotak Securities or Kotak Neo.

However, here in this article, we are going to talk about Kotak Neo and What process you need to follow for a Kotak Neo Demat trading account.

How to Open a New Demat trading account on Kotak Neo?

Kotak Securities is India’s one of the oldest stock broking companies and for quite some time they are working hard to make their place among online broking companies like – Zerodha, Groww, Dhan, and so on.

Using their platform you can invest or trade in Equity, Debt, Mutual funds, Commodities, Currencies, Options, and Futures.

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They do offer two trading platforms – Kotak Securities and Kotak Neo.

While both apps are in the same way Kotak Neo offers better UI both on mobile applications and Websites.

But unfortunately, the new application to open a Demat account on Neo is closed until further notice.

But there is a simple workaround for this and that is – Migrating your pre-existing Kotak Securities Trading account.

The process of this is Quite simple, all you need to do is first open a Kotak Demat account.

How to Switch from Kotak Securities app to Kotak Neo?

So as we have discussed, right now you can’t submit a new application on Neo for opening a demat account.

But if you already have a Kotak Securities account where you have placed a few trades you can Switch to neo by following these steps –

  1. First head over to Kotak Securities website –
  2. There in the bottom right corner, you’ll notice a floating chat button which is labeled “Ask Maya”.
  3. Click on that option to chat and there type “Chat with our Expert”.
  4. It’ll ask you to enter your mobile number or 5 Digit client code.
  5. Enter your mobile number and it’ll ask you “Do you wish to self-authenticate?”, just choose Yes there.
  6. Now it’ll be asked to you choose “Authentication method”. In the Authentication method, you must choose “OTP based self Authentification”.
  7. Answer any security question if asked, Enter OTP when it asked you to enter. Once it is done wait till chat will connect you with a live agent.
  8. When the agent is connected ask him/her to Switch your account from “Kotak Securities” to Kotak Neo.

The agent might ask you why you want to migrate your account to Kotak Neo, just give them any reason; For example, I didn’t like the UI of Kotak Securities it was too outdated.

Once your request is submitted and confirmed, it’ll take two days for migration to complete.

All of the funds and other things will be transferred to Neo and you will receive login credentials once it has been done.

Please note: Live agents are active only from 8 AM to 8 PM every day, so plan it accordingly if you are going to contact them.

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Further FAQs

How can open a Trading account on Kotak Neo?

Unfortunately for now you can’t open a account on Kotak Neo directly. You first have to open a “Kota Securities Trading account” Once your trading account is activated you can ask customer support to Switch your neo.

Is Trading on Neo completely free?

There are trading fees on this platform. But you are still subjected to fees and charges subjected by the government as taxes. Don’t worry these charges usually are minimal and won’t affect traders much.

How do I migrate to Kotak Neo online?

Simply head over to this link. This will redirect you to support chat. There just type “Switch to Neo”. Login using OTP to Authenticate your Kotak account. A few moments later it will connect to the agent, just tell them that you want to switch to Neo. Once the request is submitted it will take 2 working days for migration to complete.


So overall we have discussed that Kotak Neo is not offering to open new demat accounts directly from their platform.

But there is a simple workaround for that – Open a Demat account on Kotak Securities and once it is opened, contact customer support to migrate your account to Neo.

All of your funds and other details will be transferred to NEO once the migration is complete.

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