Upstox App Review: Trade, Invest in Stocks/MF/IPO & More [Guide]

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This is a Upstox App Review: How to use for Trade, Invest in Stocks/MF/IPOs/Gold and F&O, How to Apply for Demat Trading Account and Check your Application status, Download for PC, Android Mobile & Apple iOS iPhone

Here in this post, We are going to talk about another Mobile Trading App– Upstox App. This Application available for Android, iOS, and as a Web version on PC is one of the most popular online trading platforms in India. Whether you are just a beginner investor or an experienced trader, the feature that this Online Trader offers will be very helpful for your investing journey. Here I am not only going to review this Online Trader but also show you how to use, Perform trade, invest in equity by buying shares, IPO, and so on.

So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Upstox App Review

Upstox App Review Trade, Invest in Stocks/MF/IPO & More

Upstox in simple words an Online Trading platform available for Indian traders.

Whether you use your mobile phone or Desktop & Laptop PC for Trading this platform is available for all users.

This investing App does not only offers you to invest in equity but also in IPO’s, Digital Gold, Mutual funds in a simple, easy, Yet smart, and efficient way.

It offers you all the features that the other Stock trading Apps like Zerodha Kite, Sherkhan, Groww, and Angel Broking App offer you.

Here are the few Key highlights, Majors features that are available for the investors-

  • Try Before buy: It offers a new user live demo account which can be used to know and try the platform before signing up with this online broker. The demo is the same as the real trading account except with dummy money.
  • Mutual Funds investments: Not only the stock, but investors can also select and invest more than 2,000 mutual funds schemes directly from the app. You don’t have to pay any commission fees to invest in Mutual funds here.
  • Digital Gold Investment: You can invest in gold, without even buying the Gold physically. Here you can invest in Digital gold from low as Rupees 1 and can earn real profit from it. All of your Gold will be stored in secured vaults, so you don’t have to worry about safety either.
  • Intraday, F&O, And Commodities: Without an Intraday, Futures & Options trading feature a Trading platform can’t be called a trading platform. This App offers you Brokerage up to rs 20 per trade for intraday, F&O, and Commodities.
  • IPOs: IPOs are one of the easiest solutions to earn money in the equity market if you know how to play. Here you can apply for the IPO online as soon as it is made available by the issuer company.

How to Download

For Android and iOS iPhone users this Trading Application can be downloaded from the official App stores.

As for the Windows 10/8/7, Desktop/Laptop PC users’ story is a little bit different.

Download Upstox Mobile App for Android & iOS

You can download it from the Apple iTunes App Store for your iOS Based iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

If you are using Android Smartphone or Tablet you can download it from the Google Play store.

Here are the links for Both the Android and iOS versions.

These links will redirect you to the App store of your smartphones

Upstox Pro Desktop App Download for PC

The online web version is sufficient for the majority of trading needs.

However, apart from the main trading solution they also offer you a few different technical analysis trading software that will be helpful for you.

You can Download the Ammy Admin software for Windows and NEST trader For Windows from the official website knowledge base >> Download section.

Here is the link for that page.

However, if you just want to trade and invest in stocks then you have to use the web version by visiting

You can head over to that site using your Web browser.

How to use Upstox?

You don’t have to worry about How to use Upstox Pro App.

Because it is very easy to understand and use almost all of the features that this investing platform offers you.

If you have a basic understanding of Buying the Stock, Selling the stocks, and perform the trade before online, You will know how to do trading here.

Furthermore, this online broker offers you a Live Demo Account just for the sole purpose to learn and try before opening your Demat + Trading Account.

How to Apply for Demat+Trading Account?

The first step toward Trading online is to Open your Demat, Trading, and a Bank account with a Net banking facility.

Luckily it offers you Demat + Trading, Two in one account.

and almost everyone has a Bank account.

If the Net banking isn’t activated on your Bank account you can the option available like Gpay, BHIM, or Smart Transfer.

Obviously, for that, you have to Create your UPI ID for your bank account.

It is necessary to transfer funds between your trading account and Bank accounts.

Here is the process that you have to follow to Apply for Upstox Pro Trading & Demat account online-

  1. Using your Web browser head over to
  2. Enter your Email Address and Mobile Number in your respective fields.
  3. Make sure that the number that you enter, is linked with the Aadhaar card. The Aadhaar Verification will require later on.
  4. Enter your Basis information that will be asked, and upload the scanned copies of the documents that you need to submit.
  5. Verify your Aadhaar information in order to verify your identity.

Account opening & Maintenance Charges

They will charge you 150 Rupees excluding Tax.

The annual Maintenance fees are also required to pay on yearly basis.

The annual maintenance charge is the same as account opening charges.

How to Check your Application status

Once you submit all of the required information, Your Demat account will not open immediately.

It will take some time while they will check your Demat & Trading account application.

Once they approved your application, your will notified by SMS and Mail.

In some cases, your Account opening application can be rejected.

It will happen generally if you are not honest about your identity or you made some mistake while filling up the account opening form.

In any case please double-check the information that you submitted during applying for a Demat account.

How to Trade on Upstox App?

Anyone can place a buy or sell order using this Mobile Trading Application if their account is approved.

There are different types of orders and options available, Depending on whether you want to trade on invest.

The most common distinction is Intra-Day and delivery.

If you want to sell or Buy the sold/buyers stock on the same day you have to choose intra-day.

If you want to hold the stock for a longer time frame and sell it whenever you see fit you have to choose delivery.

Of course to do that any of it, First, you have to add money into your trading account.

You can add funds using your linked bank account by UPI or Net banking feature.

How to Buy or Sell Shares?

To buy any of the shares first you need to tap on the search bar and search for the share that you want to buy.

Once you clicked on the share, you will see the buy and sell button.

Fill up the number of shares you want to buy, Choose Order type and further details, depending on your order.

How to Apply IPO in Upstox App

The Company which isn’t listed on indices like BSE and NITY is going to list on its first issues IPO (Full form – Initial Public Offering).

The IPOs are open to the general public. The Price in the IPO is the original bidding price decided during the allotments.

Investing in IPO is one of the sure-shot ways (most of the time, Depending on the Company) to make money in a very short time.

Using this trading app you can also invest in IPO right from your Mobile Phone.

Options to Apply in IPOs are available in Mobile Application and Website.

There you can not only Apply in the IPO but also see the Upcoming IPOs as soon as they announced.

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