Audacy App not working? – Stopped, Crashing, & Loading issues

Some users are getting Audacy App not working errors like stopped working, crashing, and loading issues on Android and iOS phones.

In this guide, we are going to address how to fix various issues related to this app.

Audacy App not working

Audacy is an audio streaming mobile application similar to Spotify where you can listen to your favorite music online.

Apart from music, you can also stream sports talk shows, news, and even Podcasts.

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For those who enjoy listening to FM in the background while driving, working, studying, or just chilling at home this also has an FM feature.

On This app, there are more than 230 FM radio stations that you can explore by location.

There are also millions of podcasts for you to explore, Breaking news to listen.

And those sports fans out there can access sports talk shows ranging from live play-by-play to game analysis.

Known reasons why Audacy not working on Android

Here are some of the reasons why the Audacy app is not working for you-

For those who are using *an Android phone* and installed this app, the problem is in the app itself.

In the last few updates, most Android users share the same view that-

“Prior to the last few updates audacity was used to look good and since the new updates app is constantly crashing.”

This is not a only single review and most of the users on the Android platform who are dropping their rating to 1 are facing the same kind of issues.

So while users can fix issues that occur from the device and other external reasons you can’t fix the app itself.

We can only hope that – Entercom Communications (Publisher of audacy on Android) will fix this problem in upcoming updates.

How can you fix Audacy not working issues?

Here is some troubleshooting that you can try to fix some commons issue with Audacy-

  1. Make sure that Audacy is updated to the latest version. Visit the app store page and confirm it. Update it, if an update is available.
  2. Check your internet connection. Poor speed interrupts online content all the time.
  3. Connect to audacy on Twitter – @audacy and confirm that there is no server issue going on right now.
  4. Try reinstalling the app on your device.

If nothing fixes the issue you can contact the app support via email at –

Why Does Audacy App Keep Crashing, Not loading, or Opening?

After the recent few updates app is not working properly on Android users.

Most of the Audacy users who installed this app on their Android smartphones are leaving a negative reviews because of it.

Here is the problem that Android users are having after the updates-

  • Audacy App keeps crashing whenever try to open this app.
  • App shut down automatically.
  • Content such as music, and pages on this app is taking too much time to load.
  • Playback freezes when you try to listen to something.

If you are having a similar kind of error you are not alone.

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What you can do is contact audacy support with the screenshot of the page and write a mail.

You can drop support mail at –


Is Audacy available for Android?

Yes, Audacy is available for your Android-based smartphone as well as for iOS devices.

How does the audacy app work?

It works the same way that every online audio streaming app works. You can listen to not only music but also news, sports talk, FM radio, and even podcasts for free.

Why Does the Audacy app keep stopping?

There might be a problem with your internet connection. Try rebooting your device and checking the internet.

Can I listen to local radio stations online on the Audacy app?

Audacy offers you more than 230 FM radio stations which you can explore by location.

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