Discogs App not Working 2024? – Fix Login, Token & Crash

Is Discogs App not working on your Android or iPhone? In this guide, you learn how to fix Discogs problems like Login Errors, App Crashing, Server Down, or token requests that could not be fetched.

Discogs Error highlights

Discogs, as you may already be acquainted, serves as a comprehensive online music database and marketplace, that delivers users the power to explore and access a vast array of musical genres 

Moreover, Discogs supplies a user-friendly mobile application tailored for both Android and iOS mobile devices. 

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While the iOS version seamlessly operates for Apple users, it has come to our attention that Android users have been encountering several challenges recently. 

These issues encompass various aspects, such as logging errors, and hampering the overall user experience on Android devices.

Here are a few of the most important errors and issues reported so far –

  • Some of the customers are having trouble logging in to their accounts. Even after trying multiple times after resetting it’s simply not working for them.
  • On some Android devices app crashes randomly after using it only for a few seconds.
  • Previously there was an issue where users were not able to load discographies. This bug was fixed in the last few updates.
  • Many of the users are not happy with the updates brought by developers recently. The primary concern among users the new UI is not as user-friendly.

How to Fix Discogs app not working in 2024

How to Fix Discogs App not Working

Discogs app allows you to not only shop but collect and catalog music in the world’s largest discography of physical music.

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The Website is already available for desktop users but now Discogs is coming to your mobile phone.

Using this app you can:

  • Browse, Catalog, Buy, and Sell all available music, all across the globe.
  • Using Discogs Payment or Paypal you can purchase music directly from your mobile phone.
  • All of your purchases and other information are encrypted and safe.
  • Manage your Discogs account. You can monitor your buyer/seller ratings, and sale references, and keep track of messages.

Discogs app is available to download for free. You can install this application from the Google Play Store for an Android phone and from the Apple App Store for your iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad.

However for some reason, for some users, this app is not working properly as expected.

If you facing errors such as Discogs App crashing, Server connectivity, Token request not being fetched, Login error, or any error while trying to use this app, then you are in the right place.

Is Discogs Down?

One of the most common reasons why Discogs is not working is the Server connectivity.

The server can be down for numerous reasons including scheduled maintenance and server-related problems.

If the server is down right now, You as the Discogs user can do nothing but wait till the server is up again.

You can be sure that the problem is server-related if the other users are facing the same problem.

Discogs app Crashing after update

Sometimes the app crashes after updating the application to the latest version.

While this error does not appear for most of the users, it’s still frustrating.

Usually in cases like this bug or glitch is responsible for the unresponsiveness of the application.

The first thing you can try to fix this problem is to clear out cache & app data and reboot your phone.

If nothing fixes the problem for you, in that case, you can either contact the app developer or make them aware of the problem.

You can contact app developers via mail at: app@discogs.com or the official Twitter page: https://twitter.com/discogs.

Discogs token request could not be fetched

This is for if you are facing this problem while trying to use the mobile app, not the official Discord Authentication API.

Sometimes this kind of error code would be displayed on your login screen while you are trying to log in to your Discogs account.

Developers use Discogs API to connect the mobile applications to the official site: Www.Discogs.Com.

This error could be one of the following possible reasons:

  1. Your Network firewall is blocking the Official website Www.Discogs.Com.
  2. Cookies and/or permissions are denied.
  3. Some Server-Side issues are going on right now.
  4. Corrupted application data.

Discogs Login problem

Login issues are fairly common among the application that retrieves data from servers.

If you are facing a Discogs Login-related problem, then first make sure that the problem is not with your account password and username.

You can reset your Account password by hitting forget password link on the login screen.

If you are sure that this is not password password-related issue, You can try logging in using your browser.

in case when you can’t log in from the browser either it means that there is some kind of server error is going on, You can wait till that problem gets fixed.

If you can log in on the website but not on the mobile application that means there is something wrong with the app.

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You can attempt uninstalling and reinstalling the Discogs app if that is the case.

Other FAQs

Does Discogs have an App?

Yes, Discogs has an app that is available to download for your iOS and Android Devices. You can install it from Apple or Google play store.

Why is the Discogs iOS app not working?

The app may be down for any number of reasons. You can identify and troubleshoot problems by following this troubleshooting guide.

Why I Can’t log in on my Discogs account?

Apart from entering the wrong user id and password, this error may appear shortly if the Discogs servers are down right now. Also, make sure that you are account isn’t got disabled by trying to log in to the official website.

How to fix Discogs Android app not working?

Update to the latest available version, if you are still using the older version. Follow the troubleshooting guide to fix the problem. If the error still isn’t fixed you can contact the app developer by mail: app@discogs.com


Discogs is a brilliant mobile application that helps listeners not only browse their favorite music but also delivers them a medium to build their collection online.

While errors and hiccups such as trouble logging in, mobile app freezing, or crashing hamper the user experience, you can try the troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

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