Spotify genre filters not working? – Fix not Showing in Playlist errors

There is a bug that appears for listeners where Spotify genre filters not working or sometimes not showing up in their mobile or desktop app.

While not every time, this problem is caused by a bug/glitch/server issue, there are some troubleshooting steps that you can take to fix Mood and genre filters easily.

Spotify Genre Filters not working

Spotify Genre Filters not working

Spotify genre filters are one of the coolest features that Spotify offers to its listeners.

This feature allows you to filter out songs depending on your mood or the type of songs that you want to stream from the playlist of your favorite songs.

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At the time of the creation of this article, they made available this feature in a few selected countries including US, UK, and Canada.

But in the upcoming month, they are going to provide this feature to more countries.

What Spotify filter does is give you the ability to filter all the songs that you liked filter out via up to 15 personalized mood and genre categories.

We all prefer to listen to songs based on our mood, and it is really tiresome to constantly search for song after song.

Even if are able to find a good playlist to your liking, not every song there would be to your liking.

Using this feature we can filter and stream all the songs from the genre that we are feeling we should listen to right now.

And on top of that, it’s from the list of songs that we already liked and loved.

But even tho, it’s rare, for some users Spotify Genre filters are not working.

In this guide, we are going to talk about specifically the topic of why these genre and mood filters are not showing up and what steps we can take to fix this problem.

How to Fix Spotify Genre filters not working

Here are some steps that you can take in the process to try to fix Spotify genre filters not working

Step 1 – Check if this feature available at your Location

Considering that Genre and mood filters are relatively new filters not available in every country.

If you are not in the location where it is supported, this feature will simply not works for you.

Step 2 – Sure to have enough songs and the right Playlists

Not all playlists have the option to filter songs based on genre.

Considering some of the playlists are about the genre itself, this will not available.

However, you can filter through your “Liked Songs” playlist.

Not having enough songs might be another reason for missing filters.

You need to have at least 30 liked tracks in your collection.

Step 3 – Force close and Reboot the app

The momentary glitch happens for every app.

What you can do to fix this kind of issue is force the close app and open again..

Step 3 – Clear cache from Spotify settings

Spotify has its own dedicated “Clear cache” option which you can find on the Setting page under the “Storage” section.

This option will clean the temporary cache while keeping your downloaded songs.

Step 4 – Re-install and reboot the System

When simply resetting will not work, you can try Re-Intalling, rebooting your device, and login into the app again.

Step 5 – Problem still not fixed?

Sometime whatever you’ll try not to work.

For that kind of scenario support exists. If you still have this problem you can contact Spotify support or the community.

Why Spotify is not showing Genre or mood Filters?

As mentioned previously during troubleshooting steps here are a few of the reasons why filters are not showing up for you –

Not Available in your country

This feature is not available in every country where the Spotify app offers its services.

You might not have enough songs

This feature will show up if you have at least 30 Songs or Tracks in your liked songs collection.

Just like more songs and this option will be available for you.

You are not using the right Playlist

Another reason could be using a different playlist.

You can filter out songs based on the genre in the “Liked songs” playlist.

An issue with Local or retrieved cache

The problem could be related to the cache. Just be sure to clear the app cache from the settings option.

An issue with the Spotify server

Server issues could cause some unexpected bugs and glitches.

This could be also the result of ongoing server issues when Spotify genre filters are not working on your device.

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What is “Filters Are Hiding Some Results” on Spotify?

You will see Filters are hiding some results messages on the playlist like Liked songs.

If you are seeing this message, this is due to the applied filter for that playlist.

When you apply either a mood or genre filter, it will filter and show you only songs based on those filters.

It will hide all the other tracks that will not match your query.

So this message is nothing to worry about.

If you see this message it simply means some of the songs are hidden and if you want to listen to all the tracks available you simply have to remove applied filters.


Why is my Spotify Filters not working?

It could be due to cached data retrieved from the server or due to stored local cache. Restarting your device and logging back in the app might help fix the issue.

How do you add a genre filter on Spotify?

Once you are in there on the “Liked songs” at the top of the Playlist header you will see the option to filter songs based on your

Why does my Spotify say filters are hiding some results?

Once you apply filters Spotify will show you songs only based on these filters. Other songs will be hidden that don’t match the applied filter until you remove these filters.

How do I fix the Spotify playlist glitch?

Force closing your music app along with its recent instance will clear out a temporary playlist glitch. Once the app is closed reboot your Android or iOS device and you can continue listening to your favorite songs.

Can you sort your music by genre on Spotify?

Yes, this feature is available on a playlist like “Liked songs” where you can sort out music by not only the genre but my mood as well.

How to filter downloaded songs on Spotify?

Head over to the “Your Library” section and from the top of the screen tap on the “Downloaded” label. You will now be to see only Downloaded songs and Playlists.

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