Radiooooo App: A World Music Exploration time Machine for You [Review]

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Here in this post, we are going to talk about Radiooooo App reviews, What Happened to Radio, How this World Music Exploration App works, From where to download it, and few more Questions about this Musical Radiooooo time machine available for your Android and iOS Smart mobile phone.

Radiooooo App Review: What Is This Radio Time Machine?

Radiooooo App Review

On the Google Play Store, Apple’s iOS App store there are probably hundreds of music Players available.

Those Music Players allows you to play the different-different type of music according to your taste on your mobile phone, Some of them are paid but most of them are almost identical.

Radiooooo App is also an Online Music player app available for mobile phones but this one is different than the rest.

You can call it the Musical time machine explorer app where you can not only play music from different-different decades but also different parts of the world on a single screen.

It works on a simple concept, instead of categorizing the songs based on their zone and artist list like the rest of the Music players it categorized them according to Geographical location and their time frame.

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Here you can hear the tracks from 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000’s, 2010, and 2020 which just started a few months back.

This Music App is the mobile version of the Radiooooo.Com website which started in 2013 for those who love to discover amazing music from different eras.

Download Radiooooo for Android, iOS, and PC

You can Download Radiooooo for Android, iOS, and Browser Music using the web browser on PC.

It is available for both Android Google Play Store and iOS App store to Download for Free.

Here are The Download links for iOS iPhone and Android Smartphones-

Get it For Android
Get it For iOS

Is Radiooooo App free?

This App is free to download on your phone, but it is not completely free to use.

Currently, this Music radio time machine offers 3 different plans on the basis of features that you can use-

  1. Basic Plan – This is a free plan where you can access music all around the world. The Taxi mode and few free island destinations are available. You can access the full songs in the playlist.
  2. Premium Monthly – It contains all of the features of the free basic plan along with Bookmark, Skip, Rewind, Full Tracks, Playlist Follow, and song history options. It will cost you $4.99 per month and you can get the first month free.
  3. Premium Yearly – This one is the yearly plan which also offers all of the features of the monthly plan. If you subscribe to the yearly plan it will cost you only $4.17 each month.

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Radiooooo Music Exploration Guide

The Radiooooo is not your normal music player where you can just hit the search bar where and find the song you are looking for.

Here you will find the world map, using which you can play the songs from the Geolocation of your choice and from the different decades.

Here there are three different modes are available, Exploration mode, Taxi Mode and Island Mode.

  • Exploration Mode: Using the World map you can play songs from any available country or geolocation.
  • Taxi Mode: Instead of playing songs from only one country, Here with taxi mode you can select multiple countries and multiple decades.
  • Island Mode: It will provide you with the track of the theme that you set. It is good for the party or the mood.

Apart from these mods, the user can also set the speed of the song from three different parameters Slow, Fast and Weird.

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