How to Fix Bally Sports not Entitled To View this Content Error?

Are you unable to enjoy your favorite sports on Bally Sports due to the persistent “You are not entitled to view this Content” error?

While this issue is quite frustrating there is a simple reason why that content is restricted. 

Here in this guide, we are going to talk about how to fix Bally Sports not entitled to this content error.

Bally Sports Not Entitled to View this Content

Bally Sports Not Entitled To this Content Error

If you are a fan of sports you are already aware of the Bally sports app; which is basically a network for all of the local regional sports channels.

The mobile app in conjunction with your TV provider offers you Live games, highlights, game replays, match stats, and other sports event-related information in one place.

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But recently few of the users come across an issue where they are getting Bally Sports Not Entitled to this Content Error.

While this is not a common issue, lately lots of Bally Viewers are getting this error while trying to stream their favorite sports event on their phone or TV.

Do not worry, if you are also getting this Bally Sports app not working error, in this guide we will talk about possible troubleshooting steps that you can take to fix this problem.

Why I am Seeing Sports Not Entitled to View this Content Message?

Most of the users have reported that they are getting the error: “You are not entitled to view this content” while they are trying to access their account info.

However, this issue is not only limited to your account info page only. 

You may also encounter this page while streaming Live events, stats, scores, and a few of the other pages in the Bally sports mobile application.

If we ignore that this issue happened due to some sort of error this usually means that you can’t views that particular content.

This restriction could be due to one of these things –

  • You might be outside of the area where the owner of that content made that was allowed that content to stream.
  • Using VPN can also cause this issue. Make sure that you are not using a VPN connection while streaming with this app.
  • You might have not enabled GPS or Location on your phone. This app tracks your location to make sure that you are in the viewing area.
  • The TV provider that you are using might have stopped providing that content.

How to Fix You are not entitled to view this content error

Considering this error is related to Geo-location restrictions and restrictions placed by the content provider, here are some troubleshooting steps that you can take to fix you are not entitled to this content on the Bally sports app –

Check your Geo-Location

This issues ninety percent of the time happened due to a wrong Geo-location set in your phone or if you are accessing the content in question outside its viewing area.

It’s well known that content provider place location restrictions so anyone outside allowed regions will have no access to content.

If you are sure that the content your trying to access is allowed in your country make that the currect region is set in your phone’s settings.

Also, ensure that your turn on the Location or GPS of your phone so this app can detect your right location.

Reset the Bally Sports app

Not every time you will see “You are not entitled to this content” just because of the wrong country set in your country.

This could also happen due to a temporary glitch in the server or mobile app.

What you can do when this happens is reset bally sport by clearing the app cache and data.

Once you clear the app cache, reboot your device and log in again with your TV provider.

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Contact your TV Provider

To putting You are not entitled to view this content into more simple word mean that you are not allowed to access that particular page/video/content that you are trying to access.

Other than the wrong region, in-app glitches, and server-related errors this could be intentional by the TV provider which you use to sign-up for this app.

Contact your TV provider and ask them about the content in question.

Contact Bally Sports Support

In addition to contacting your TV service provider, you can also contact Bally sports support to get more information and assistance.

You can contact app developers via email at –

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