PTV Sports app not working? – Troubleshoot Live streaming Issues

PTV Sports app is the official mobile application of one of the most popular Pakistani sports TV Channel of the same name – PTV Sports.

On this channel, you can not only watch the Live broadcasting of major cricket matches and some International Cricket matches as well.

Other than cricket matches, they also own the broadcasting rights for sports events like Portugal Primaria Liga, League, Live hockey matches, European League, International Friendly Football Matches, and so on.

But from the last few matches PTV Sports app not working and issues such as Live streaming don’t work, too many ads, and no live stream annoying the viewers when they try to watch sports.

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That’s why in this article we will go through step by step process to fix the PTV app.

Fix PTV Sports app not working

Fix PTV sports app not working

To fix the PTV sports app not working, first, you must identify the reason and nature of the issue and then proceed to troubleshoot the issue.

Following these steps will help not only identify the reason why its not working but also help you fix the PTV Sports streaming not working issue –

Ensure you have installed the right app

There are many fake PTV apps circulated both on Google and the Android app store, which show nothing except ads.

So if you are unable to watch Live Stream first ensure that you have installed the right application.

While there are many mobile application or Website do provide Live streaming of PTV not all of them is legit.

For example, This app is one of the legit applications which does work for most of the viewers.

Confirm that you are using it in right geo-location

PTV sports Channel is available only in Pakistan, while using the streaming link you can watch it from other countries not all mobile applications do add support for other regions.

So if you are trying to access it from any other country, this might be the reason why PTV streaming is not working for you.

However, if you are residing outside Pakistan but still want to use this app you can consider using VPN.

Take Major events into consideration

Live TV apps, Sports applications, or Live Sports streaming applications tend to slow down or sometimes even stop working when there is a major sports event going on.

The reason behind this is very simple, the more people try to access the live, the more the chances of the server crashing down and stopping working.

If this happening for you and with all of your friends at the same time, this might be the case.

When the app crashes or there is an issue in the live stream you have to wait for some time for the issue to be resolved by itself.

Reset the PTV Sports Live Streaming TV app

You can reset the app by cleaning the app cache and data.

This will clean the stored streaming cache from your phone so you can start using the app as new.

In order to do so, first tap and hold the PTV app icon and choose settings.

From there scroll down to storage and then hit – Clean app cache and Clean app data.

Once that is done you can restart the PTV sports app and check if you are able to watch the live match.

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Try out other alternatives

PTV is one of the major sports streaming platforms, but it doesn’t mean that this is the only platform that offers you free live cricket streaming.

There are many different mobile or web application that offers you live cricket streaming for free.

Just in case, after following all the steps PTV app still not working for you, you can try other alternatives to watch cricket online.

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