Bushnell Golf App not working? – Internal errors, Reset & manuals

Bushnell Wingman and the Golf mobile app users are having trouble where this mobile app is not working on their phones.

The official Bushnell app is designed to manage and provide statistics for those who are using this mobile application to keep track of the game during their Golf game session.

But, recently some customers are having a little bit of difficulty when they are trying to use this app.

Even the one, who switched from the legacy app due to that one stopped working and this application was working alternatively.

However, in any case, if The Bushnell App not working for you and you want to identify the reason and fix the problem then this article is for you.

Bushnell Golf App not working

How to fix Bushnell Golf App not working

Bushnell Golf app is available for your own iOS and Android phones to keep track of your scores, rounds, and any other Golf statistics.

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This application is designed for laser rangefinder users whereas the mobile application offers additional benefits, information, and further data to improve your golf game.

If you have A Bushnell GPS device, which you use (specially wingman and beyond) this is a must-have application for you.

Here is the list of some features that the Bushnell app offers you –

  • Using this app on your Smartphone you can get data from 38k + golf courses, all around the world.
  • You can track and store all of your statistics here.
  • Easily update your GPS device firmware wirelessly.
  • Pair with your Bushnell golf device and track all scores directly from your mobile phone.
  • Provide you with movable layup points, which help you plan your next shot.

While this app sounds great for all these features, some of the users are having trouble using this app.

Bushnell Golf App not working properly for some users.

They are having problems like an error in verification, login, score recording, and other similar problems recently, this post is for you.

How to Fix Bushnell Golf App not working Errors

Why your Bushnell Golf App is not working, might be different and may depend on the error code that you are having.

However, for most errors, following this common troubleshooting guide might helps you –

Make sure the GOLF device is compatible

Not all GPS devices are compatible to use with this mobile application.

Before proceeding to use make sure that you have Wingman or another supported device.

Check Firmware Update

Older firmware might sometime start acting weirdly.

If you have any trouble using Buushhnell with any of the Devices, make sure that is updated to the latest available firmware.

Check the Server/Network status

This mobile app and your device need to be connected via GPS.

And to keep track of other services, scores, notifications, and server connectivity is a must.

If there is some issue in between, it will not work.

When you identify this is the case, take appropriate action to fix the network connection.

Reconnect Your GPS devices

Sometimes miner convenience or glitches happens.

This could be one of those temporary glitches that would go away once you power cycle your device.

Reset your Device

Sometimes resetting your device to its factory default will reverse the problem if it happens due to some recent changes.

Resetting your device will revert it back to factory default and while it might fix the problem, you will also lose any customization that you have made.

Contact Bushnell customer Support

Other than connectivity or firmware problems, the issue could be related to the hardware of the devices that you are using.

After following this guide, if the device or Bushnell Golf app still not working; it’s best to contact the support center.

The support center helpline number is located on your Device box.

You can also drop an email to the customer support team at – customersupport@bushnell.com.

Bushnell Golf App internal error

The internal error message is linked to the user’s ability to login into their own account.

The users who are just trying to signup for the first time in their account are getting a similar error something like – “Maximum retry count reached, unable to generate OTP”.

I don’t have to tell you that, OTP is one of the verification methods to verify your email address.

If the app can’t generate OTP, you would not be able to verify your email address and as a result, can’t register for an account and use the product properly.

Unfortunately “Internal System Error” happens due to some kind of server issue or glitch.

And there is no way, you can fix this problem on your own until developers solve this glitch on their own.

How do I Reset Bushnell Golf Devices?

The Answer to this question depends.

It depends on the Bushnell Golf device that you are trying to reset.

While power cycling the device is almost identical if not exactly the same.

Different devices follow a different methods to reset.

Using the user manual you can easily find the method to reset your Golf device.

If you do not have the manual for your device with you or you have lost it, you can easily download a digital version of the user manual and Quick start guide online on the official website.

Bushnell Golf devices User manuals

Every device comes with its own user manual and Quick start guide.

When you have any difficulties with a device, the obvious first step would be to consult the user manual.

But if you don’t have the user manual for your Bushnell Golf or can’t find it.

In that case, you can download it from the official website – Bushnellgolf.Com.

You also have the option to download the user manual for your device from the official support pages. 

Just head over to this page, and choose your device. 

On that page, you will find an option for you Phantom 2, Wingman, iON Edge, iON 2, Excel, Neo ION, and Phantom.

Other than that device mentioned information about your Laser rangefinder like – Pro Xe, Tour V5 Shift, Tour V5, Hybrid, L&, Pro X2, Tour V4 Shift, and Tour V4 is also available.

Both the user manual and Quick start guides can be found on that web page in PDF format.

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There you will find not only the user manual, but quick start guides, and video resources related to your golf devices.


How do I Update my Bushnell Golf Watch?

Updates for new devices happen just once you register on the official website. Once the registration is complete, you can download the installer program to update your Device. You can find complete information about the update process on the Official BushNellGolf Website.

Why is my Bushnell not working?

Server, Network connectivity could be the main reason why the app is not working properly. It is also always recommended that you update the app to the latest version available to avoid any issues or errors.

Which app do I download for the Bushnell Wingman?

The Bushnell Legacy was the previous app used for this purpose. However, if you want to use the Wingman now you can use the Golf Mobile app for the same purpose.

How Do I reset my golf app?

One can easily reset the app by clearing the app cache & data. Resetting the device is an entirely different thing. Follow the guide mentioned in this article to reset your Bushnell device like Wingman in a few simple steps.

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