Catan Universe App not working? – Fix Crashing & Multiplayer

For some Android and iOS users Catan Universe App not working due to the server being down.

This caused crashing down, Multiplayer, and login issues.

In this post, we will discuss how to identify and fix these issues.

Catan Universe App not Working?

Catan Universe is an online board game available for Android and iOS which you can play online with your Friends too.

Catan is not only one abstract strategy casual board game but a group of multiple games including – The original board game, card game, and expansions rise of inkas.

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All of it is available in one single app.

It’s an online multiplayer game it also offers you an offline feature.

In offline mode instead of playing with real players, you can play against AI.

How to Fix Catan Universe app not working issue

Here is how to Fix the Catan Universe app not working issue-

Confirm server is not down

First Check with @CatanUniverse on Twitter to confirm that there is no server-side issue going on.

If there is any scheduled maintenance or the server-down you will be not able to play it.

Check for the latest update

The sometimes recent update can break the older version.

If there is the latest update available on the Play store or App store, update your game as soon as possible.

Check its not because of in-app bugs

Every app some time or another has bugs.

Bugs are issues or glitches in the app which can’t be fixed by the user.

Unless the developer decides to address bugs they remain as it.

Check for the app store that other people are not having the same issues.

If they are it’s most likely a bug.

My Catan Universe App keeps Crashing

Here are a few reasons why the Catan app keeps crashing on your phone.

  • Not having enough RAM might close unexpectantly. This is an issue, especially on the older device.
  • Storage is another reason. If you do not have enough storage available game will keep crashing.
  • Some users download this game from third-party app download sites. This could cause an incompatibility issue and as result, the Catan game will crash every time when you open it.

Is Catan Universe Multiplayer not Working?

Catan offers multiplayer to play with your Friends.

There aren’t enough board games available with multiplayer modes.

Here you can invite your two friends which makes a maximum of three players to play Arrival on Catan.

That’s not all.

Once you unlock the full base game along with the expansions each can be played by up to six players.

As mentioned you can play multiplayer mode for free.

However, some users are having issues while trying to play on multiple modes such as-

  • Trouble joining games.
  • It takes too much time to join a game.

Update: Recently USM starts migrating this game to the new server.

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Due to that, some users are having trouble during gameplay.

To that problem, they suggested resetting the password and login into the game.

After resetting your password and login in with the new password, you will be able to play multiplayer again with the newly generated password.

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