The Unsent Project Not working? – Fix Archive, Submit & Search

The Unsent Project not working for the past few months and visitors are even unable to access the archive, use search or submit texts there.

The Unsent Project Not working

There are many reasons why we have lots of things in our life left unsaid.

Whether we are afraid of speaking it or because it is just we are too emotional, to tell the truth.

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In that matter, The unsent message is a website that offers you the chance to submit your unsent message in a therapeutic way so it just gets out of your system.

To put it simply, The Unsent project is an online collection of Unsent messages to First loves.

Once you are on the home page of The Unsent Project Website you can access the Archive where you can find the list of messages that people didn’t send.

However, recently the visitors who visit that site noticed that the archive of messages is not loading properly.

Here in this post, we are going to discuss why the Unsent project not working and when will site possibly be back.

Is the Unsent Project Archive & Submit not working?

People can submit text messages to their first love.

These messages are the text that was left unsaid once the relationship was over.

Anyone who has any of these messages for their ex can submit their text as well.

However, Unsent Project Submit not working right now simply because submit of recent messages is disabled by the site admin.

Until they allow again to submit stories, you can access them but can’t submit new messages there.

Same for the Archive page.

On the Home page and archive page, instead of loading text, it just looks like a circle speaking (indication of loading).

Why is the Unsent project website not working?

The Website is currently live and working well.

It’s just that you can’t access text messages which are shared there.

Currently, there is no time given when the website will start working again.

However, you might be wondering if they deliberately disabled the archive & submission or if it’s due to some sort of technical issue.

Actually, it was the creators who put it on the hold and disabled submitting new posts.

The reason given to developers was that – few people who submitted text there were using the platform to spread hate speech.

Due to that reason disabled the new submission as well as the archive (Which was the collection of all the texts message that were submitted).

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When Will the Unsent project be back?

There is no date given by the creators.

However, they posted a few months back about why they have disabled new submissions.

Since then they also have disabled the archive page as well.

They enabled it a few times in the past few months and disabled it almost as same.

Considering going on with the same kind of issue for months and close to almost a year, I highly doubt that they are going to fix this anytime soon in near future.

Update 19th January 2023: The website and Archive are still closed to new submissions and they might soon open for new submissions. Till that happens you can support that website by Subscribing to Snail mail subscription. By subscribing to a snail mail subscription you will receive 5 submissions as stickers every month.

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