Chive App Not Working: Crashing, Rating Update & Loading Failed

Are you facing Chive App not working issues like Crashing, Download failure, Top-rated not updating, Not working with kindle, and other errors? Here in this post, we are going to discuss, how can you fix those not working and other issues on your own.

Chive App not working: How to Fix Chive Issue 2023

Chive App not working

theChive App is a mobile application that provides you with short video clips from a wide range of categories.

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Similar to other application which allows you to upload your video clips to the world. Using this app you can share a variety of content including Humor, Humanity, trendsetting and more from your smartphone.

Application is available for both Android and iOS smartphones in their respective app stores.

However, for quite a time theChive users, especially on Android phones, are facing some bugs, issues, and errors lately.

Some of those are common issues that can go away on their own.

Some are serious problems that affect the uses of this app.

If you are theChive user and having issues like the Chive app not working on your phone, This post is for you.

Chive App Crashing

if this application is crashing on your phone, it could happen due to one of the following reasons:

  • The app is not supported- this happens when you download an APK file that is not supported by your phone.
  • Server issue – This is a temporary issue, if the server is down app will not work properly.
  • Insufficient permissions – Some apps require permission to do a certain task. Make sure you provide every permission that this app will ask.
  • Corrupted app cache- Uninstalling and reinstalling the app might fix this problem for you.

Chive Top Rated not Updating?

This was one of the known bugs that developers themselves address on their websites.

They are working to fix this issue and hopefully, it will be fixed in the upcoming version of this app.

The Chive App Download failed

This application can be installed from the app stores. If you can’t download it means there might be some issue with the app store instead of this application.

However, if the issue is related to the content that this offer, most usually the problems happen due to insufficient permission.

When you install this application it will ask you for storage permission, accept it and you will not have any issue downloading anything from this app to your phone.

For Android, if you didn’t accept it while installing the app you can turn it on by tapping and holding app > permission and then turning on storage permission.

The Chive app not working on a kindle device

Kindle Fire devices use the Android OS and that means any application that works on common Android Smartphones works on Kindle Fire devices as well.

However, there are some issues you will face like an app no longer working on your device.

Especially if your device is using an older Android OS.

This application is constantly updating and this could mean that it might stop working on older devices.

It could happen after the latest version of the app is available.

If that happens to you check the version requirement on the app download page.

To fix this problem you could update to the latest Android version if you could or seek to buy a new device that comes with the latest updated OS.

You can also downgrade the app to an older version where it was working.

But do remember that app developers update apps for a reason, older versions might have bugs, issues, or downright no longer in working condition.

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Why does the chive app keep crashing?

This could happen due to bugs, unsupported OS, older version, corrupted app cache, server issue, or some other reason. please check the troubleshooting guide to know how to fix various problems related to this app.

What happened to theChive App?

Apart from updates? nothing. Developers of this app constantly update the app. This means the design of this application is constantly changing. It is still available on Google Play and iOS App Store to install.

What is theChive App used for?

It is video sharing application, similar to ticktock. You can use it to watch and share the content of your heart’s desire on this platform.

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