Kutumb App Not Working? – Fix Loading, Failed to Connect issues

Is the Kutumb app not working for you as well? Many users have reported various issues with the Kutumb app, including login failures, loading problems, connection issues, and failed message sending.

If you are also having trouble using this mobile app, this CnbDaily troubleshooting guide is for you.

In India, thousands of communities live together in harmony, but most of these communities lack an online platform to connect with each other.

The Kutumb mobile app is precisely designed to address that problem. This app is for people who stay in touch with other people in their religion or cast and want to get updated with the latest information about what’s really happening in their own community.

This application facilitates anyone to Join or create their own community just by using their smartphone.

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With more than 50 million downloads this is one of the most installed applications in India.

But assuming that you are a user of this app you are already aware of all these facts, and you might be not aware of troubleshooting steps to fix Kutumb not working errors.

In this guide we are going to discuss some of the most common features of this mobile application and what troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix these problems by yourself.

Kutumb app Errors Overview

Fix Kutumb App not working

Here are some of the most reported issues with Kutumb –

  • Some users have noticed the buffering issue, the app is taking an infinite or long time to load on their mobile phone.
  • “Message Sending Failed”, “Failed to connect” or “Failed to send a message” while trying to send a message to other users.
  • Some of the Android users are unable to log in to this app. one user “Tushar Keshri” has reported that he has been trying to log in his account continuously for 2 days but the app refused to even recognize his mobile number.
  • After a few recent updates for some users, it is almost impossible to update their profiles.
  • Shortlist/Save/Share are not working as intended.

How to Fix Kutumb App not Working Error

How you can fix the Kutumb App not Working Error depends on the error code or the issue you are having with this app.

Here the some of the most common problems (Which have been reported by users so far) and troubleshooting steps you can follow to fix these problems –

Kutumb Failed to Connect error

“Kutumb App Failed to connect” might be the most common issue among users.

Some of the users, who have it installed on their phones when trying to open, use any feature, or try to send a message receive the “failed to connect” error.

This error could happen for one of the following reasons –

  • Issue with your WiFi or mobile Internet network.
  • Temporary server issue or glitch on the portal.
  • A widespread or constant bug that hasn’t been addressed by the developer yet.

So keeping these root causes in mind here is how can try to resolve this Kutumb app issue –

  1. Check your WiFi or Mobile data by using another application. Ensure there is no internet-related issue.
  2. Try using the same option which is given multiple times. Perhaps the issue is just a temporary glitch.
  3. If the previous steps haven’t solved the problem you have to check the Kutumb Server status and ensure that the Kutumb app server isn’t down right now. You ask them on Twitter at – @kutumbapp.
  4. If the server is fine but you are still facing the issue, especially for a long time, this means this is due to some bugs. You can contact the Kutumb Support team via email at – Support@kutumbapp.com.

Loading Symbol, Crashing, or Hanging issue

Buffering while watching videos, issues loading app content, random crashing, and hanging are common here.

It is reported by many that this app sometimes becomes too slow to use on some random occasions.

You can fix issues such as lagging or loading by exiting the app, closing this app, and all other opened apps.

This will clear the temporary memory and you can open the app again.

Message sending Failed or Failed to connect error

One of the most constantly faced errors is “Message sending failed” when users are trying to send messages to other users on the Kutumb app.

Users have reported that while trying to send messages they did get error messages like “Message Sending Failed”, “Failed to connect” or “Failed to send message”.

The possible workaround for this issue is to force close the app and try again.

There is a fair chance this issue is linked to a server glitch that prevents you from sending messages.

Closing and re-opening the app might fix this problem (only temporarily) so you can send messages.

Some features are not working

This is one of the known bugs in this app, sometimes users are unable to use some basic features such as – Shortlist, Save, Share, and send messages.

While most of the time this happens randomly, there is a large number of users who have complained they are constantly not able to use these features, no matter how many times they have tried.

For some they stopped working for just a brief time and after they retry it started working.

So the first thing you should do is force close the app, open the app again, and try using that option again.

When it doesn’t work you can try clearing the app cache and data to reset the app.

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Kutumb App Not Working issues which include not loading, crashing, error during login, problems sending messages, failure to send messages, and issues with subscriptions are faced by many users who have it installed on their mobile phones.

The following article contains troubleshooting steps or a workaround to resolve these problems, so can get back to using this app.

But some of the errors are out of of the limit what you can troubleshoot, for example, if there is an issue that is related to the server, it can’t be fixed by you.

For errors such as these, you have to contact Kutumb Customer support. You drop an email at – Support@kutumbapp.com for further support.

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