CM Support App: Petrol Subsidy Scheme Register, Eligibility & Benefits

CM Support App is launched by the Jharkhand State chief minister Hemant Soren to help ease off the registration in the Petrol subsidy scheme.

CM Support App : Petrol Subsidy Scheme Registration Process

CM Support App Petrol Subsidy

The Petrol subsidy scheme is the Government scheme where two-wheelers owners get the subsidy under the National and Jharkhand state food security scheme.

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The launch date of the Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy scheme is set to 26 January 2022, the exact date of the 75th Indian republic day.

Those who are interested and eligible to take part in this scheme can follow the process for registration either on the official portal or the CMSupport App.

How to Download CM Support App

The beneficiary who applies for the scheme can avail petrol subsidy of Rs 25 per liter, a maximum of 10 liters a month.

The CM Support app is needed to avail of the benefits that this scheme offers you.

You can download applications for your Android mobile phone from the official app stores.

If you are eligible for the scheme you can Download and follow the registration process to avail of the scheme.

Beneficiaries will start receiving the benefits of the Jharkhand petrol subsidy scheme from 26th January 2022.

JSFSS.Jharkhand.Gov.In Registration process

If you are interested in this scheme and fulfill all of the Jharkhand Petrol subsidy scheme eligibility criteria then you can follow the registration process to receive benefits:

  1. Open either CMSupport App or Head over to the official portal –
  2. Once you there, tap on Cardholder login.
  3. Now you can login using your Ration Card Number.
  4. The Password is Last 8 digit of Aadhar number of head of your family.
  5. Enter the captcha as displayed and hit the login button.
  6. Follow along after login and fill up the application for this scheme.
  7. Enter your Vehicle and other detailes.

Congrats, you successfully applied.

Once the application form is filled up other information will be sent to you.

You can confirm your name on the list if they accepted your application.

Eligiblity Criteria for Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme

Here are all of the requirements that you must fulfill in the process for successfully enlisted in the Petrol subsidy scheme:

  • This scheme is for Ration card holders only. You must have Ration card.
  • It is applied for Two-Wheeler owner only. The applicant must be the one who own the vehicle legally.
  • The number plate, registraition and driving licencse must be registered in Jharkhand state.
  • You must have all the required documents.

Petrol Subsidy App benefits

The benefits of the Jharkhand Petrol Subsidy Scheme are simple you will get petrol for your vehicle at a much much cheaper rate than the market price.

Once you applied and are selected as the beneficiary in this scheme you will be eligible for the benefits.

Under this scheme, the beneficiary will get a subsidy at Rs 25 per liter, a maximum of 10 liters a month.

So it means you will get Rs 250 subsidy each month.

This amount will be credited directly to your linked bank account.

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Further FAQs

From where can Download CM Support Petrol Subsidy App?

The CMSupport App is available for you to download on the official app stores.

How can I apply for the Jharkhand Petrol subsidy scheme?

Just follow this guide step-by-step.

How will I receive a Subsidy under the Petrol subsidy scheme?

The subsidy of Rs 250 will be credited to the bank account each month.

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