How to Fix DAZN App not working Error: Full Guide for TV & Phone

Is DAZN app not working on your iPhone, Android, Smart TVs, or Firestick? Here we are going to discuss why isn’t your DAZN app working and how to fix various issues related to this app.

DAZN App not working?

DAZN App not working

DAZN sports streaming mobile application which offers you game-changing sports all around the world.

This is not only available for iOS and Android smartphones & but you can also use this to stream sports even on your Android TV, Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, Computer, or even the gaming consoles.

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This service streams live and on-demand content for more than 200 countries around the globe.

It holds domestic and international broadcasting rights for multiple sports events.

You can watch other sports than Boxing but this platform initially focused on boxing events.

It currently focused on streaming live sports fights, daily boxing shows, and more.

Other than live events you can also choose to explore documentaries as well.

Here is the list of features that DAZN offers you-

  • Stream Sports events in Full HD on your faverite device. It supports Smart TVs as well as mobile phones.
  • Using a single DAZN account you can watch live on up to two diffrent devices.
  • Apart from a living sports event, you can choose from iconic DAZN original documentaries on demand.
  • You can set reminders for your faverite upcoming sports event.
  • You can even pause the live events and start from where you left.

Why isn’t my DAZN App working?

Here are some common reasons why the DAZN app probably not working-

  • The DAZN server might be down right now.
  • The app might be incompatible with your iOS iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Smart TV, Firestick, or any other streaming device.
  • The issue with a slow internet connection.
  • The issue might be with the app itself.
  • Memory, Storage, permission, or any other issue with your device.

DAZN App not working on iPhone & Android?

Here are the steps you can follow for Android or iOS mobile devices-

Check for server issue

If an app suddenly stops working (which was working previously without any issue) the first thing you have to check is if its server is down right now.

Confirm Compatibility

Make sure that DAZN is compatible with your mobile device.

Luckily both the iOS and Android stores only allowed installation for the devices which are compatible.

But you also have to ensure that you are using the app in the region where they offer its services. It is not available in every country.

Force close the app

You can force close the app by exiting the app and closing all app instances.

Press the home button when all app instances appear close them all.

Check for the updates

Update to the latest available version if there is a new update available.

Clear App cache or Reinstall

Tap and hold the DAZN app icon and choose the storage option.

There you will see the option to clear the app cache and history.

Reboot your phone and try the app again.

DAZN App not working on Smart TV or Firestick

DAZN has a separate version of the app available for Smart TV and streaming devices such as Firestick and Roku.

Using an app on Android smart TVs, Apple TV, or Firestick you can stream your faverite content on a bigger screen.

You can install the application from the inbuilt app stores for the supported devices.

If the DAZN app is not working on your Smart TV or Streaming device, here are the basic troubleshooting you can do-

  1. Make sure you download the app from the inbuilt app store. APK downloaded from an unauthorized source is likely to cause an issue.
  2. If it’s not available on the official app store it’s probably because it’s not compatible with your device. Running an app on an incompatible device will always result in crashing and other errors.
  3. If you are only not able to stream a single event, try to see if another event is working.
  4. You can try restarting the app – on the app homepage navigate till you see the menu bar and select the exit app option. Now open the app again.
  5. Other than restarting, you can force close the app to remove app instances. Just press and hold the back button for a few seconds till you see the exit app option.
  6. Restarting your Device might help. Shut down your device using a remote and unplug the power cable as well for a minute. Restart your device and see if that fixes the problem.
  7. If you are having issues like buffering or encountering the error while streaming content this could be due to slow internet. Check your network and try again.

If the problem isn’t fixed by common troubleshooting, this means that you getting an issue because of a server-side issue or in-app bug.

In any of these case, you have to contact DAZN support for more information.

Why is DAZN not working in Canada?

DAZN app offers its services in more than 200 countries, including Canada.

However, if you can’t stream some events this app offers some content that you can access easily.

If the app is not working in Canada, most of the time it usually means that users in other countries are having the same issue as well, since the app uses the same server.

Following the common troubleshooting process explained above helps in most cases.

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Is DAZN App down right now?

Being an online sports streaming application DAZN requires a constant internet connection.

It also means if the server goes down you will not able to stream content properly.

Fortunately, most of the time server stays up and you will not face any server-related issues.

But sometimes its server goes down.

The following errors are an indication of server issues-

  • Videos are buffering despite having a strong and constant internet connection.
  • Unable to log in to your account even if you entered the right username/password combination.
  • On display, you are getting some strange error codes or error messages.
  • Getting Dazn error code 10-00-00, 50-0006-403, or some other strange error codes like that.

You can confirm is DAZN app is down right now by contacting official Twitter page – @DAZNBoxing

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