DealDash.Com App Review: Download, Get Free Bids, How does it works?

Here in this post, We are going to talk about the Dealdash.Com App. This is an online Auctions app available for Android/iOS which you can use to place bids, Save, Wind, and Shop online. Here I am going to guide you How to Download DealDash Mobile App, How to Watch live TV online using App, How to Place DealDash free bids, and more. App Review

DealDash.Com App Download, Free bids

DealDash.Com is an online Auction platform that works the completely different ways as compared to other normal Auction sites.

Here they will auction the products online for you to buy, But instead of buying them at the regular price, you can buy that product at almost 99% discount.

You won’t even be charged the shipping fees for that product.

Here are the features that this online auction and shopping App offers you-

  • Big Saving: As compare to Normal online shopping sites, Here you will be able to get products at much-much lower prices. According to publishers descriptions- The Buyer can avail of up to a 99% discount on Tools, Beauty items, Apparel, Home Items, Electronics, Gift Card, Jewelry, and more.
  • Win Big: It all depends on the Bidding. The Auction starts at $0 and after each bid, one penny will be added to the price of that particular item. If you win the bid you will get the item as low as 99% Cheaper rate.
  • Browse Auctions & Place Bids: As a Bidder, you can surf through all of the Auctions that are taking place on this platform. Only the last bidder will win and get the product at the rate that they placed.
  • Stock from trusted Partners: Everything, Every product that is held in the auction there is sold from the Company itself or the trusted partner stock. Unlike eBay or other online auction/shopping app, it does not allow third-party vendors.

Download Dealdash Mobile App app download free for Android is available for free from the Google Play store.

The Website is for PC users.

Apple iOS device users, who are using devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod TOuch, or Apple Watch can Download DealDash App from the iTunes App Store.

Here are download links for All of them-

How Do these Auctions Works?

Here is How DealDash Auction works

First, when the auction will start, the Buyers/bidder can place their bids for the product.

All of the auctions on this platform are starts from $0.

It means the first Bidder who bids for the product can place a free bid. On every Bid 1 Penny is added to the price until the last bidder.

After each bid, the times will restart to 10 seconds, allows another bidder to place bids.

If no place bids in this time frame, The product will go to the Last person who bid for that product.

This way buyer can have the item at a very very low price.

Also, The Shipping is free.

However there is the thing, If you don’t win you won’t get your money back.

Not unless you buy the same item at Buy it Now & Get Your Bids Back price.

How to Get DealDash free bids?

You can avail the free Bids but this is a little bit tedious.

Each week they offer hundreds of free bids online in the form of Giveaway by YouTube and unboxing challenges.

According to the Official Blog post, they are offering this to the viewers who watch the videos and answer the simple question that is asked during the video.

Here is their official YouTube Channel.

If you know the answer to the question, which is asked there you can record the answer and sent this to the Customer service team.

If you win the Free 200 Bids will be placed in your Account.

However, it seems too good to be true but there are few terms and conditions for this offer.

Like you should have an active DealDash Account and also you should purchase the Bid Pack that week when it will be credited to your account.

The other terms are mentioned in that blog post.

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