Royal Mail Tracking not Working? – Updates, Phone, & Support

Royal Mail provides an online Tracking page that you can use to pinpoint the current location of your package. This can be done using your reference number and track my item page on the official website – Royalmail.Com. However, for some users recently Royal mail tracking not working properly, and for some their tracking information isn’t being updated either.

So in this post, we are going to discuss how to fix some of the most common tracking issues like tracking page not getting updated. We will also learn how to get in touch with their official customer support to get more information about your packages.

Royal Mail Tracking not Working?

Royal Mail Tracking not working

International Distributions Services plc which was formally known as Royal mail is the British international postal and courier service.

On the official website of the company, you can track the information about the package that you have to send or going to receive.

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For those who don’t know, you just have to head over to – > click on the track & manage tab > track an Item.

Using your tracking reference number you can track your delivery and the current location of the package.

At least, that’s how you are supposed to track the package.

But recently some users are having issues such as – the reference number recognized by Track your item, and tracking details not being updated.

If you are having an issue tracking your parcel, this post helps you identify the root cause of the problem and what you can do to fix the tracking problem.

How to fix Royal Mail Tracking not working

Royal Mail also provides service from the UK to other countries as well.

Using the reference number of your package and the Track your item page you can track your courier directly.

Once you are on the tracking page, simply type or paste the reference number and hit the track your delivery button.

Here are a few troubleshooting steps that you can try –

Is the tracking page loading properly?

The tracking page, most of the time, works fine.

If the page is not loading properly, indicating any error like – Service unavailable, service temporarily unavailable, or error connecting to the site it is most likely a server issue.

In case the website is down, you have to wait till it’s fixed.

Check your reference number, again

If your reference number isn’t recognized by the track in your item field, it is most likely because it is incorrect.

Check your reference number again and confirm it’s right.

Confirm the service that you can track

Some of the courier and other services that Royal mail offers aren’t trackable.

You can check the services you can track on this page.

Contact royal mail support

Can’t track your courier online for some reason, don’t worry you can contact support.

Support Royal mail support and they will more information about your delivery.

Royal Mail Tracking not updating

Tracking details are not updating for your package?

This isn’t exactly the new issue and most of the time not an issue at all.

Sometimes for some courier packages, it takes a little bit of time before they moved.

And if the package isn’t moved, you will not see any update.

However, sometimes packages can be lost or misplaced while in transit.

That is also one of the reasons delivery might be delayed.

In any case, if it takes more than usual time, it’s better to contact support for more information.

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Reasons why Royal mail tracking not working

Here are some of the reasons why Royal mail tracking not working for you –

Wrong Reference number

You might be entered the Reference number wrong.

The Reference number which you have to use for tracking is in between 9 to 27 characters long.

The package isn’t trackable

Some of the packages and services aren’t trackable.

While you can get an update for some of the parcel/courier services they offer, some products can only be checked only for delivery.

The Royal Mail Website is down

Royal Mail website servers might be down or having some technical difficulties. If the website is down you can’t track your courier.

Royal Mail Customer Service

Royal mail’s online tracking page is one of the ways you can track your package but it’s not the only way.

If you are unable to track your parcel via the website you can try contacting customer support.

Just keep your reference number handy and contact the Royal Mail Customer service phone number.

Customer support phone number

If you have any issue related to your package you can contact the support on phone number – 03457 740 740.

The lines are open on Workdays Monday to Friday 7 am-pm.

For the Weekend it’s open on Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm. On Sunday you can contact me from 9 am to 4 pm

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Why are the tracking details on Royal mail not updating?

If the package update stopped, it might be due to that it could have stuck somewhere. Contact customer support to learn more information about the issue.

Can I track a Royal mail delivery without a tracking number?

You can not track your Royal Mail package information without a tracking number. But you ask the sender about the tracking information. If you purchase an item online, the tracking number is included in the invoice or the confirmation mail.

How can I get Royal Mail Tracking updates via Phone?

Tracking updates are sent generally via text to the receiver and the sender. If the sender lists your number, you will also get updates. You can also contact support via phone to get more information.

Is there a problem with Royal Mail Click and Drop, right now?

You can then live service update on this page. If there is an ongoing problem, you can check it there.

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