M&S Sparks Card App: Review, Register, Activate, Link & Not Working Fix

M&S Sparks Card App is presented by Marks and Spencer PLC that is available to Download on Android’s Play Store and iOS App Store and falls under the Shopping category. Here it’s Review, Register, Activate, Link & Not Working error Fix.

M&S Sparks Card App Review

M&S Sparks Card App

The Sparks Card App is the official M&S Mobile Application which is the short form for Marks and Spencer.

Provide you not only the Sparks reward program directly to your phone but also a wide range of products that you can shop online.

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This m&s scan and Go app allows you to scan your size just by scanning the barcode from the clothing that you own. With the Scan and Go functionality the customers won’t have to remember their size while browsing clothing online.

Customers just have to use the search scanner to scan their size and the product will be delivered to their home.

Here is the list of Features that this mobile Application has to offer to you-

  • Offers you a very wide range of products that you can browse and buy online.
  • The product will be delivered directly to your home or the store near you according to your own convenience.
  • M&S scan and go App features allow you to scan the product and provide you product according to your own size.
  • Exciting reward systems come with this application. It has a separate section where you can sparks card register and grab the amazing reward while you shop
  • The App will be in perfect sync with the web version or the app if you open it on other devices. Everything you saved in your basket will be in sync with other devices.
  • Using the mobile application you can search for the nearest M&S store in your area. It will not only provide you location but the direct directions on the map.

Download M&S App

There is no Spark Card App. But the app that offers functionality is available to Download as M&S App.

You can download it either from the Google Play store for your Android Smartphone or tablet.

Or if you are an Apple customer you can download it on your iOS-based devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod from the Apple iTunes App store.

In any case, you have to follow the installation process I am going to mention down below.

The process to Download for Android or Apple iOS iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Here is the process you need to follow to Download Sparks Card App on your Android Smartphone, Apple iOS iPhone, iPad-

  1. Go to the official app store – Google Play Store | iTunes App store.
  2. There hit the Install Button to Install the app on your Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, or iPad.
  3. Wait till the installation will finish.
  4. Register for a new account or Login into your existing account.

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Fix M&S App Not Working Problem

Are you facing Fix M&S App Not Working Problem then you may not be alone.

There are dozens of reasons that this app not working on your phone.

While there are lots of factors contributing to a single error few of the most common ones are-

  • Your phone isn’t compatible.
  • Internet speed of your Network or WiFi is too slow.
  • M&S Server is down.
  • The App has a Glitch that isn’t fixed in the recent updates.

Not all of those issues can be fixed, at least not on the user’s end.

However, if the problem is from your phone or internet speed you can follow this troubleshooting guide-

  1. Make sure that you are using the latest available version of this. To check this simply head over to the App store page.
  2. If there is an update, update the app to the latest version.
  3. Check your internet speed.
  4. Check the M&S server is down or not. If the server is now there is nothing you can do but wait.
  5. Click on the App icon and proceed to clear cache and data. Log in again to your account and check if that everything works perfectly.

Activate Sparks Card

If you are wondering about How Do I activate my M&S Card, How do I link my Sparks card to My Account and How do I get Sparks Card on my phone? you don’t have to wonder anymore.

This simple and easy getting started guide will guide you to Register, Activate and use this card directly from your phone using M&S App.

Sparks card register Online

If you are not in the program you can register yourself on the official website.

Here is the Sparks Card Registration process that you had to follow-

  1. Using your web or mobile browser head over to – www.marksandspencer.com/sparks.
  2. Under the Heading “GOOD THINGS HAPPEN EVERY TIME YOU SHOP” You will see two buttons “Sign in” and “Register”.
  3. For our purpose, we want to go with the register.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Proceed to follow the registration process to create a new account online.

Once the registration is complete you will get your own card.

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How do I get my sparks card on my phone?

The M&S App which you can download on your Android or iOS phone allows you to Scan your card straight from your phone.

You can also pick up the physical card if you want from the store near you.

If you are wondering that How to get my sparks card on my phone then you must follow the steps below to link the card to this app.

The process to link sparks card to the app

  • First Download the App by following the step-by-step procedure mentioned above in the download section.
  • Login to your M&S Account. The very same account that you used for card registration.
  • Once you login into your account you will be able to see your Digital card Credentials.
  • Furthermore, you can use this card using the app. This App also allows you to Scan your physical card.

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