Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card not Working? (Why and How to Fix)

Bed Bath and Beyond, the popular home goods retailer, offers a massive selection of products through their website and mobile app (available on Android and iOS). Like many online platforms, they previously offered gift cards as well.

However, if you’ve attempted to redeem a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card in recent months, you might have noticed they’re no longer working.

This article delves into the reason behind this issue and explores any available options for redeeming existing gift cards or finding alternative uses for them.

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Why is the Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card not Working

Why is Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Card not Working

The reasons why your Older BB&B Gifts cards are not working are becouse last April, Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy and sought court approval to auction its assets. Consequently, previously issued Bed Bath & Beyond Multi-Use Gift Cards became unusable for any purchases, both online and in-store.

However, after just three months, a “revamped” Bed Bath & Beyond emerged from bankruptcy with an online platform and mobile app.

After the new version has launched you can now again purchase new gift cards, but the older Multi-Use Gift Cards remain unredeemable, at least for the purchase of any product on the website.

How Can I still use a Beth Bath and Beyond Multi Gift Card?

As I pointed out earlier the Multiuse gift cards no longer can be redeemed after the bankruptcy.

But there is a way where you can even tho not redeem these cards for their intended purpose at least ask for compensation from the BB&B site.

Here is how to claim compensation for the gift cards –

  1. First, you need to head over to this website –
  2. You have to enter the name of the person who has bought these cards and the registered email address.
  3. Follow the process as instructed and complete the process of filling the claim.

You can learn more about how to file this claim and further information on this website.

Remember, this process is a bit complex and will take some time for your claim to settle. Please be patient with the process.

It is also possible that they might reject the claim and not offer any compensation in your case.

Furthermore, it is also possible that it might take much, much longer than you expected.

In any case, if the value of those gift cards is not much, you can simply ignore it. However, if the value is too high, it is better to at least try asking for compensation.

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This article explains why older Bed Bath & Beyond Multi-Use Gift Cards (the ones you might have around) are not working.

We also outline the process to receive compensation for those cards.

Please note: This article applies only to older cards. Recently purchased cards may have different reasons for not working, which would require separate investigation and troubleshooting on your part.

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