Digi Yatra App Not working? – Verification, Recognition, Upload, & Loading Issues

Digi Yatra app not working or at least most of the features that are provided in this Android and iPhone mobile application seem to be broken.

For example, a large number of users have reported that Face Recognition is not working for them.

The issue doesn’t stop at face recognition, periodically it also fails to identify the verification document and boarding pass (which is uploaded in PDF format), and crashes or just freezes at some unexpected movement.

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So this is why, in this post, we discuss How to Fix Digi Yatra not working issues.

Why is Digi Yatra not working on my iPhone or Android?

There are many reasons why a mobile application does stop working.

In the case of DigiYatra, it’s most likely due to a glitch or bug.

This app has many issues, and if you have been using it for a long time, you also have noticed some of them.

While it is one of the most important applications for passengers, it doesn’t work properly, or worse sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

How to Fix Digi Yatra App not working errors

Digi Yatra App not Working

Here are some of the most generally encountered DigiYatra errors and how you can troubleshoot these issues –

Digi Yatra Face Recognition not Working

Face Recognition is an important part of the app, you are required to perform over the check-in system at the Airport.

However, at the crucial moment when you really need to use this feature, Face recognition just does not work.

This is not an issue that happened for only one or two users, in fact, there is a large number of complaints from the passengers.

For some, it’s just not working and some flyers are getting “unregistered” or “invalid passenger” after the scan.

The problem here is not with your phone or with your ID but with the app itself.

This happens due to some kind of glitch in the app and there is nothing you can do to fix the problem, except keep alternative ready.

Solve Digi Yatra’s Identity Verification failed

In order to use this app you have to identify your credentials by either offline Aadhar method or by using Digilocker.

If your Adhaar card is linked with a mobile number, it’s recommended that you choose the “Continue with Digilocker” option to complete the verification.

Offline Aadhar verification with this app does fail sometimes, that why it’s better to choose the Digilocker method.

Can’t scan Boarding Pass or other uploaded document

Another thing that I have seen on its app store and Play Store rating is that some of the users are not able to scan uploaded boarding pass or other documents which are in PDF format.

While this app has the feature to scan your uploaded documents its seems really frustrating when it doesn’t work at all.

On the update your travel screen this presents 3 options – Scan the Boarding pass, Upload the boarding image, and Upload the Boarding PDF.

You can choose any of these options.

When you are not able to scan the uploaded boarding pass in PDF format, you could try uploading the boarding image or scan the boarding pass if you have a hard copy with you.

Fix Crashing, Freezing, and loading issues

Crashing, Freezing, or being unable to load app content are the errors that really frustrate mobile app users.

Usually, the cause behind any of these errors are Unoptimized mobile app.

If the mobile apps have lots of different glitches or bugs, they will simply not work smoothly.

You can get temporary relief from such a problem by force closing and opening the app again, but unless developers address the problem these can’t be fixed.

Fortunately, There is an alternative to it, which is Single Use DigiYatra. You can enroll for it at Super Fast DigiYatra Kiosk using your boarding pass.

Fix Digi Yatra App not Available in Your Country

This error appears when you try to download or use this application outside India.

It is designed specifically with Indian users in mind, so in case if you do try to access the app from any other country, you will see the message “Digi Yatra not available in your country”.

Sometimes it might also show up even if you are from India.

In that case, just be sure that the Region in your phone is set to India and that there is no VPN running on the network you are connected.

This app might not work, outside India.

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Further FAQs

Why is my DigiYatra app not working?

Bugs and glitches in the mobile application itself are the primary reasons why this app is not working for you.

Why I am not receiving any OTP Code from the Digi Yatra app?

There might be some communication issues between the mobile app and the server due to that you are not able to receive any verification OTP code.

How to Fix Digi Yatra Face ID Please try again error?

Face ID verification is part of this mobile application. If it is not working, this indicates there is something wrong. You can always try again as mentioned in the error or use the web version of the app.

Why I am having issues with Face recognition with the DigiYatra mobile app?

This is one of the common bugs reported by many users. Sometimes face recognition doesn’t work as intended. When that happens you can try multiple times to make it work.


Digi Yatra is one of the most important mobile applications for passengers who travel a lot via plane on a regular basis.

But this app is riddled with many glitches, bugs, and issues that really impact user experience negatively.

This troubleshooting guide helps you identify and fix a few of the most familiar Digi Yatra App not working errors.

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