Passport Parking App: How to use, Zone Map, Location List & Not Working

In this Guide, We are Going to Talk about How to Use Passport Parking App? Where this Application is available, Parking Zones List, Parking Locations near you, and how to fix errors if this app is not working on your Phone.

Passport Parking App Review

Passport Parking App

Passport Parking App like Parkmobile is the Mobile application to manage your parking session smoothly as possible.

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Using this App you can Pay, extend and manage your parking session in few simple clicks.

It offers you seamlessly clear parking information on your phone.

You can Pay on the go using your mobile phone, there is no need to feed the meter.

Here are features that this application offers you-

  • You are able to pay directly from your mobile phone, there is no need to refilling the meter.
  • Get informed about the Parking rates. Users will receive the Receipts via email at the end of each session.
  • It will notify you your session is about to end.
  • You don’t need to rush if your parking session comes to a near end, you can add more time just from your phone.

How to Use Passport Parking App?

Using this app is simple enough, it is intended to be straightforward to as much as possible.

Here is the process that you need to follow-

  1. Download Passport Parking App for your Android or iOS phone from the respective app stores.
  2. After the installation, finish up the registration process.
  3. Log in to your newly created account. Indubitably, if you already have the account there is no need to create a new one, you can log in through your existing account credentials.
  4. Go to the Designated Parking lot.
  5. Start the session, Key in your vehicle, and select the parking code.
  6. Now there indicate the parking duration.
  7. After that have to pay using your phone.
  8. During the parking duration, if you feel like, you need extra time, you can do it on your mobile phone.

Where is Passport Parking Available?

This Application is not available for all of the locations.

However, you can easily check that it is available for parking in your location using the map.

Once you Create, Register & Verify your account you can check the unique zone numbers on Passport Parking signs and decals.

How to Find Passport Parking Zones Near me?

Using the Passport Parking Zone Map, You can easily find the parking locations near you.

Obviously to use this feature you have to provide location access to this app.

Without location access, you will not able to find the zone number list.

Passport Parking app not working

This Online Parking App is available for your Android, iOS mobile phone as well as Desktop web App.

It provides you Stress-Free Parking experience and keeps you informed if the parking rates change in the future.

Overall it is a good mobile App.

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But sometimes you may face errors like Network error, App not working, page not loading, App freezes constantly, and so on.

In a case like this where you are sure, it’s not server related issue but a problem on your phone.

You can follow this troubleshooting guide to reset this App-

  1. Hold The App icon and Choose Setting.
  2. There is setting choose storage.
  3. You will the option to clear out Data and cache.
  4. Now reboot your phone.
  5. Login into the App and See if the app works.

Of course, it will not fix all kinds of problems.

If the problem is with the server or app itself, you can do nothing but wait for developers to fix it.

You can also contact customer support as well if you have any questions in your mind.

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