Fix “My Disney Experience App not Working” errors

Here in this post, we are going to talk about how to fix the My Disney Experience App Not working error. This is an official mobile Application for the Walt Disney World App. Using this you can easily play your vacation, Book Ticket reservations, Buy items from shops online, and more.

My Disney Experience App Not Working Error

How to use My Disney Experience App Tutorial

My Disney Experience App is the official Walt Disney Mobile Application that is designed to help those who are planning to take a vacation in Walt Disney World.

User can make their FastPass+ Reservations even before their trip.

Not only for ticket booking and making dining reservations, but this app is also helpful to provide you with information during your trip to Disney land.

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Here is the list of features that this mobile Application offers you-

  • It will provide you with real-time information about Wait times, Park hours, Parade showtime, and the timetable of other events.
  • Using the GPS-Enabled map, you can explore Walt Disney World and all of the available park attractions on your phone.
  • Users can purchase their theme park tickets online.
  • Using the online purchase option users are able to surf keepsakes and all of the available products in the park and order them.
  • Not only products and Tickets. You can also browse restaurant menus and book your dining reservations right from your mobile phone.

How to Fix My Disney Experience App not working error?

If My Disney Experience App not working on your Android or iOS mobile phone, here is what you can do to fix this problem-

Check if its a server Issue

First, check for a recent server outage or similar issues.

If it’s the server issue chance are it would be fixed within the next few hours.

You can confirm server outage, scheduled maintenance, or similar problem by contacting Disney on official customer support.

Check for Network/Permission/Storage issue

The problem could be related to app permission, slow network, or in some very rare cases low storage or memory.

You can check the network, Fix the permission issue by providing sufficient permission, and for low memory clear out unused apps.

Check for the latest version

If there is an update for this app and you haven’t installed it yet, make sure to install the latest available version.

Reinstall the app or Clear out Cache

Sometimes clearing out app cache and data might help on Android phones.

If you using this app on your iPhone you have to reinstall the application.

In either case, just make sure that you reboot your phone afterward and login into your account again.

When nothing works

Some problems like in-app bugs and glitches can’t be fixed by end users.

That kind of issue is only fixed by developers alone.

If you are facing a kind of error that is affecting a large majority of users, make sure to app developers know about it.

How to use Disney Experience App

How to Create your Account

Once you download this App and while booking your Ticket reservation and hotel you can start setting up your account.

You can either Do that from the official website or mobile application.

Once the account setup is complete you can link your family member’s account to you.

You can easily link your family member’s account to one main account.

Just after you Login into your account, Uner My family a& Freinds section you can add members.

This App accepts member which is registered via sites like, ABC.Com, ESPN.Com, and DVCMember.Com.

Choose the +Add a Guest link on that page to proceed to successfully ad an account there.

How to Logout from My Account

You can Logout from your account by Tapping on your profile icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Once you tap there will multiple account-related options, from choosing Log out and you can proceed to log out from your account.

How to Make payments

This App provides you the option to purchase tickets, and merchandise, Make reservations,s and so on.

For all that you have to make payment there using this app.

However, many users complain that they do not have features to make payments.

It is also mentioned on the official publisher page of this app that Ticket sales are for residents of the U.S. and Canada only and may not be available in all countries.

Also, you can buy tickets in USD only.

How to Book Park Reservation ticket

The main purpose of this App is to allow you to purchase and make ticket reservations for your hotel, dining, and Disney land.

Doing so will make your Trip planning way easier because now you can Plan everything online just from your mobile phone.

How to Book a Disney Park Reservation?

You can Complete the whole ticket reservation process in 4 simple steps-

  1. First, you have to confirm your Admission is linked to your Disney Account. You can do it after you after Tickets.
  2. Now you have to add those who will be coming with you, you can add family or friends to this list.
  3. You have to choose the date and the park.
  4. Finally, overview all the steps and confirm your reservation plans.

How to Check My Disney Reservation?

Once you made your reservation and finalized the plan you will be able to check your Disney Park reservation status using a mobile app or website.

In the App in the right-hand corner click on the Menu button.

Now Choose My plans and there you will be easily able to check your plans.

My Disney Experience App customer service support

There are lots of users who have Problems with the My Disney Experience mobile App like don’t How to refresh, How to Log out, How to fix Crashing, apps not Working, Can’t make Payment online, and many more.

There are a few problems, like the page not loading, App Crashing continuously, App is not working for you on a particular device.

These kinds of issues can be fixed by Clearing Chache/History, Logout from the account, Rebooting the phone, and then login into your account again.

However, even then Not working the issue is not fixed or you are having a completely different problem, you can contact customer support.

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If you are having any issues or have any complaints regarding this mobile app then you can contact customer care.

Here is the customer support information for you-

  • Walt Disney World Customer Care number- (407) 939-5277.
  • Official Help and Support Page-
  • Customer Support Email Assistance – Contact by this Page.
  • You can also chat online using the mobile App or the official page to get immediate assistance.

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