Docket app not working: NJ Covid-19, Review & Immunization Records

Docket app not working? In this NJ COVID-19 app review you will read how to fix the Docket app NJ not working issue, How this app works, why should you use it, and more.

Docket App NJ Review

Docket App Not working NJ

Docket app by the New jersey department of health is a COVID-19 vaccination record application.

This health app is available to download on Android and iOS Smartphones.

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If you are living in NJ you can download the docket to get access to official immunization records provides by the Minnesota Department of Health, New Jersey Department of Health, and the Utah Department of Health on your mobile phone.

Users who are living in residents who are living in Minnesota, New Jersey, and Utah can register on this application just by valid phone number or email address.

Once you register you can check your immunization records.

Similar to the portal the mobile app provides you your and your family immunization records online.

Using this app is completely optional, however, it makes it easier for your to review past immunizations, tracks upcoming shots, and share your official immunization reports.

Using the single Docket account, you can manage all your family members in one place.

This is a useful application, but that doesn’t mean it is the perfect one, none of the apps are.

If you are having any issues and for some reason Docket app NJ not working as expected, this post will help you.

How to fix NJ Docket App not working

If the Docket app not working on your phone, here is how to fix it-

It works for only NJ Residents

This app works only in selected regions. If you are not an NJ resident, it will not show your details.

Review your login credentials

Make sure that you are using a registered email or mobile number to accessing records.

Check if the server is down

If you are having connection issues, It could be server-related. Wait till it is fixed if that is the case.

Clear app data and Cache

You can clear out caches and app data, reboot, and log in again to your account.

This is how you can fix the not working issue.

NJ App not finding records

In case the app is working fine but only the data of a particular person is not showing, there might be issues of-

  • Multiple possible matches.
  • or Misspelled names.

If your records are not shown on the application, you can contact NJII Support.

to do so you have to fill up the support ticket.

You can do it using this link.

How NJ’s COVID-19 App works: Is Docket App safe?

Using your Google or Apple ID you can log in to the application in the process to view your immunization records.

A single account is enough to view and manage health record of all family members, so don’t have to create multiple records.

This application works for only New Jersey residents.

It was designed to provide COVID-19 records safely to you.

Not only your and your family immunization records it also provides-

  • Review you past immunizations, track your upcoming vaccination.
  • Check and share your official immunization records.
  • Download back-to-school forms.
  • Get notification alerts for your upcoming and overdue vaccination shots.

Why should I use the New jersey docket app?

Docket app NJ is an official and CDC-approved mobile application. It is an online registry of immunization records of every NJ resident. Using this application you would not only able to check your records but share them with someone who asks for your COVID-19 Vaccination records.

Is Docket App safe?

Yes, this app is safe as can be any mobile application available. All of your account data, health records are completely secure. Your data can be only accessed by someone who has access to your registered mobile number or email address.

How to change my personal health details on this app?

Your COVID-9 health record is registered on the server and is available for you on this app. You can change your personal records anytime. As for the health records if changes are not reflecting you can submit a ticket on NJIIS Support.

What details can I access on the docket app NJ?

You can access your Immunization records, upcoming vaccination shots information. Furthermore, COVID-19 records of the whole family can be accessed using a single account. If you need your Vaccination records for Travel, Job application, or any other purpose you can use this app.

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